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Editor, TheCT Interestedparents and other citizens believe it is important to restore program cuts that were made in the Ann Arbor schools during the past two years. For this reaso,n the School Board and Administration are asking Ann Arbor taxpayers for 1.3 additional milis. The Ann Arbor Citizens Millage Committee has joined with Supt. Harry Howard and the Ann Arbor Board of Education in an effort to state clearly the position of the schools to members of our community. We hope we have stated our case effectively, as it is important for voters to 'Ifá&fá tTjíTsitáatfóro? 'fhöf education program as they make this important decisión. As we each cast our vote concerning the millage request, we will of course consider our individual financia] positions'. In recent months many of us have been forced to review or change our patterns of spending, and we must surely consider these factors as we cast our ballots. I choose to take this opportunity to state some significant relevant information for the consideration of the Ann Arbor voters. First, the Michigan Property Tax Re■ lief Act of 1973 continúes fo apply. This I means that citizens who were eligible for I tax relief last year probably will be eligirle for greater relief, and therefore a llarger refund. Additionally, taxpayers I who were not eligible last year, but who Inearly qualified for such relief, may I qualify this year. j Secondly, this year all taxpayers in the I Ann Arbor Schqpl District will experiI ence a tax redúction of .35 mili due to a I change in the tax rate as it applies to the I school district 's bonded indebtedness. i] The requested millage increase will be I substantially reduced below the 1 .3 level I for many individual taxpayers by these I two measures of tax relief. For example I the senior citizen, eligible veterán, or I blind person will not pay more thán 3 I per cent of household income for properI ty taxes. All other homeowners or rentI ers will be entitiled to a credit on their I state income tax equal to 60 per cent of I the amount by which property taxes exI ceed 3.5 per cent of household income up I to a limít of $500 for any individual reI fund. If no income tax is due, or if the I property tax credit exceeds the income I tax, a refund will be made, again to a I limit of $500. All of us are being asked I for the 1.3 mili increase. Relief is providled, however, for those most seriously I burdened and for nearly all homeowners I and renters. This is not a "bookkeeping I refund" but a direct in-pocket financial I advantage. The need of the schools is clear. It is I necessary to improve our position or our I program will deteriórate. Please join me I in supporting our schools by voting yes I on Monday.