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School Candidates Quizzed By LWV

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Eleven candidates are seeking the thre,e vacancies on the Ann Arbor Board of Education in Monday's election. CPne Ann Arbor League of Women Voters has asked eacli Candidate three identical ques-, tions. The questions folio w and 1 if'ff' DUQA ttíe candidátes' answers appear below. j 1 - Do you support the proposed levy of 1.3 milis, tional, for five years for school operating expenses? 2 - Who "should set the goals for the school system, and who should be held accountable for their realization? 3 - What do you consider the principal strengths and nesses of the Ann Arbor public schools, and on which area would you focus your attention as a school board member? 1 - Yes. Dr. Howard has justified his request for 1.3 milis. The restoration of many previous budget cuts and some sound budget add-ons are sensible . and needed. I particularly approve of the ' reinstatement of full-time curI riculum coördinators . . . PeoI ple in Ann Arbor want a quality education for their children and will, I think, support I it financially if the Board and I Administration show a sense I of fiscal responsibility. 2 - The Board of Education I should set the goals for the I school system based on collecI tive administrative - teacher I - student - parent data and I must then be held accountable I for their realization.3 - One weakness is a lack I of long-range planning. Huron I overcrowding and Plan F nevI er should have happened. I Hopefully we are on the right ■ track with the Bureau of I School Services report and a I citizen's committee to study I' projected growth and availaI ble facilities. 2) We need to I continue to provide a high I quality of education for our I college-bound student, yet do I much to improve our vocaI 1 tional training. 3) Our supporII tive services at the elemenI tary school level need to be creased to identify a child's problems early when they are more easily treated . . . Yet our strengths far outweight our weaknesses. We live in a University community of diverse ethnic and economie background which cares deeply about its schools and asks to be involved. We have a capable superintendent seeking stability but open to innovation. Our greatest strength is our children, our greatest weakness . . . not assuring every child of his potential. I would work towards this goal. Astrid Beek ! 1 - No. HRP's opposition is based on the spending priorities cited by Superintendent Howard (May 8) as "justification" for this milláge levy. Hiring more "attendance counselors" (pólice people?) does not speak to the real problems, the reasons young people don't want to be in class. "Curriculum continuity" is only an excuse for further weakening student and teacher roles in classroom control." The Board's refusal to even discuss the AAEA proposal for a .6 mili tax levy ear-marked for a desirable reduction in class size is intolerable. How can this Board seriously expect Ann Arbor taxpayers to finance an education system which rebuffs their attempts to influence its direction. 2 - Goals for the school system should flow directly from people immediately affected. HRP has proposed, and as an HRP candidate, I support, a plan under which each school would be controlled by a neighborhood board, approximately % stu-' dents, V4 staff, and 14 nonstudent, non-staff members of the community. Only general administrative functions (such as financing) affecting total school systems need to I be delegated to state, county I or city School Boards. To I mand a blueprint of I munity control is to I strate a lack of appreciation I for the basic concept. Community control cannot be imposed; it must be permitted to evolve. Accountability to the people in the schools would be a natural result of the process. 3 - The greatest strength of I the Ann Arbor schools is the I 20,000 people learning and I working in them. Racism, I sexism and ageism, as well as I their undemocratic structure, I are the major weaknesses. I ■ I (0V2R PLEASE)