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School Candidates Quizzed

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3JH00L CANDIDATOS tUIZZED . . . Willie J. Simpson I I-Yes. 2 - The goals of the school system should be set by all who particípate in and use the system for educational purposes. Students, parents, teachers, administration, board, and the community at large should be involved and should be held accountable for their realizations. 3 - The strengths of our system is the amount of talent we have available to our children. We also have the ability to offer a number of positive alternative programs for those who do not like the standard programs offered to most children. The community is supportive of the educational system in all ways possible. Our weaknesses lie in our inability tó use all of our talent to reach all children in this system. We have far too many children lea ving our schools who have not been helped to the extent possible. Many children are not reading and the system has not said Why. I plan to concéntrate on the weaknesses as I see them. I hope to work closely with others on the Board and in the system in general to strengthen all areas of our system. - - - -----. Peter S. Wright I-Yes. 2 - In the last analysis it is the School Board that should set goals for 'the school system and be held accountable for their realization. Such goals should reflect input from the public, professional staff and administrators. Within this framework specific objectives, plans for attainment, responsibility and authority can be developed. There can be no trüe "accountability" in the educátion system until it is known precisely what the objectives are and who is responsible for their attainment. Such plans, objectives and assessments must be developed and implemented. First, it is the only method we may assure our monies, talents and efforts are optimized. Second, if we do not do it ourselves, the State is likely to do it for us. I feel strongly that local determination will best reflect the needs and desires of our community. 3 - Our principal strengths are our facilities, staff and tax base which, by any standard, are considerably above average. Our principal weakness is our inability to reach our full potential of providing ! quality education for all chilI dren.' Some of our past acI tions, such as discarding eduIcational objectives and curI riculum plans, are inexcusable. If elected, I will , work to I develop and implement the I continuity now lacking within I our educational program. The I merits of individualized I I struction can be realized withI in a structure of coordinated I curriculum planning, sequen-j I tial progression of instructionj I in basic .' skills, and ,periodie assessment of progress. In this manner we can marshall oür strengths to achieve our full potential of I al eminence among school I systems. Ghikofsky ' On Ballot Elliot Chikofsky, 1015 Vaughn, filed petitions for the Board of Educatiön election and nis name will appear on the ballot Monday. He did not return a League of Women : Voters' questionnaire. J