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Alternative School Cut Costs

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In an Oct. 1 letter to The News I er says he'll vote NO on the Nov. 10 I School Millage because, among other I things, of the extra expense of I I tive schools. If our example at Earthworks were I known by that reader, Fm sure he'd be I supporting our inexpensive alternatives. ! Maintenance cost is the same no matI ter who uses the building, teácher-pupil ratio is the same throughout the district, and teacher salaries are the same whiI chever building they are assigned to, butI supplies and materials are different. I Last year Earthworks spent one-third I per pupil as either large conventional I school. ..and that's more than our previI ous three years. I We've found many óther ways to cut I costs. Bulk mailing is one- and Ann ArI bor citizens who wish to be informed of I Earthworks' cost-cutting techniques can I be on our cheap mailing 'list by writing I to our school paper: ON THE FRITZ, I From the Earthworks, In the Fritz Building. 995 N. Maple, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 48103.