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LWV Supports Millage

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Editor, TneNews: - ' ) The League of Women Voters of Ann Arbor supports the Ann Arbor Public Schools' millage proposal to increase the I present authorized operating millage by I two milis for a period of three years. I If the current millage rate ís not mI creased a $5,000,000 deficit (budgetmg I at present program levéis) is projected I over the next three years due to inflation I and loss of tax revenues because of the I new state single business tax law. Since I by state law school budgets must be balI anced, the alternatives would have to be I A _ ■ ■ -rithrcutin school program or levy of I additional taxes. I A new state education aid act does I low the school system partial I tion for the loss of the business inventory tax revenue. This compensation will be based on the 1975-76 millage rate. Therefore, an increase in millage NOW ensures a larger sum from the state. The ballot proposal does not provide extra money for new programs but only j enough to maintain current educational programs. Until educational finance reform is accomplished at the state level, the quality of education in Ann Arbor must be maintained by providing adequate local tax support. The League of Women Voters of Ann Arbor urges all registered voters in the Ann Arbor School District to vote YES on Monday, Nov. 10.