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Clark R. Shelton

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Clark (Red) Shelton, 50, of 1035 Woodbridge Ct. seeks Republican nomination to the office of sheriff.
1- Five years in World War II as a first sergeant over 500 men. Personnel supervision attached to military police. Twenty-five years as an Ann Arbor businessman (owner of Red's Rite Spot restaurant) employing over 25 men, coming in close contact with all segments of humanity, therefore a feeling and understanding of people.
2- "Law enforcement may be achieved by raw military might, or by some form of police activity. Police activity, in turn, may be a simple and crude application of physical force, capable of inspiring fear, acting with ruthless efficiency, and completely disdainful of the dignity of the individual citizen- or, police activity may be a democratically oriented function achieving compliance with the least force, supported by the public, and mindful of the dignity of every citizen. There are no other alternatives: either the police perform effectively through public cooperation with minimum force, or the police perform effectively without public cooperation through brutal force." Above is a quote from "Introduction to Law Enforcement," Germann, Day, & Gallati. The department should regain the respect of the citizenry of Washtenaw County, white and black. With the dedicated and qualified personnel that the department has this could be easily accomplished with proper supervision. There are individual cases where strong force is needed but the majority of minor cases and offenses warrant courteous and helpful treatment. When you meet the sheriff or a deputy sheriff you want to meet a friendly, courteous officer of the law.