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A second apparent election night loser h...

A second apparent election night loser h... image
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A second apparent election night loser has now won the office he Was seeking, according to new totals f rom the County Board of Canvassers. Philip G. Wells, Washtenaw Community College trastee candidate, has apparcntly come from behind in the race for the second of two board seats to overeóme Richard M. Williams Jr., who appeared to have won that seat by 35 votes. The change oceurred after the canvassers checked the vote totals on a Third Ward, Second Precinct, machine in Ypsilanti. The board confirmed a previous report that a mistake was made in which the vote totals from that precinct were placed beside the wrong candidates' ñames. When the canvassers straightened out : totals, they found that Wells had ined 149 votes, while Williams gained only 11. This now gives Wells a 103-vote margin for the second seat. The, first seat winner, David V. Heebink, lost 97 votes in the new totals, but he still maintained a nearly 900-vote lead over Wells. The totals for the trustees are still unofficial and certification will not come until next week. As to whether or not any other errors might have been made, Mrs. Martha Olmsted, chairman of the canvassers, said it was the province of the board only to check out mistakes that are reported. No other precincts or machines will be checked unless an error is reported -to the board, or unless there is a recount, she said. The canvassers spent most of yesterday afternoon in the precinct where the mistake was made, checking the machine and talking with precinct workers. The error apparently was committed when the order of the trustee candidate's names on the machine was not checked to make sure they corresponded with the order on the sheet the totals were marked down on. The error included all non-partisan races, but the changes in the State Supreme Court race were minor. Following is a list of the Trustee candidates as they finished, according to k gains and losses of votes reported by mfe canvassers. All figures are still unofficial pending certification. The gain or loss for each candidate is in parenthesis: Heebink, (minus 97), 7,744; Wells, (up 1149), 6,953; Williams, (up 11), 6,850; Jim Swenson, (minus 60), 6,636; James R. Walter, (up 288), 6,522; Douglas R. Woolley, (up 47), 6,409; Thomas M. [Newton, (minus 85), 6,302; Thomas S. frM- - - , - - Ml I III M 11 MM I III III ■ Roberts, (minus 187), 6,175; Elmer E. White, (minus 15), 6,140; and John Wiles, (minus 51), 3,071. Prior to Wells' apparent I behind victory, County Cmsr. David R. I Byrd overtook his opponent, Mrs. Vanell I Williams, to take what appears to be a I one-vote victory. Byrd was trailing by a I vote until two uncounted absentee I lots were allo wed, and they pushed him I on top. A recount of that race is I ed. The canvassers continued their chore I of checking the precinct by precinctl totals this morning, and expected to be I finished before the day is out.


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