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Edward P. Rutka, 47, of 3022 Lexington seeks election to City CouncM Irom the First Ward. He is a marketing manager and a Republican. 1- Yes. 2- Balancing the budget is a difficult and complex task. Reorder priorities - An intense analysis to introduce éhvironmental considerations. We must bequeath a clean glass of water. Reduction in Marginal Services - Over $150,000 could be saved from garbage collection budget of $974,000 estimated, simply by carrying containers to the curb. New Funding Methods - Yesterday's answers are antiquated. Property taxes are bursting, high cost of quality education is piercing - new funding task forces must be formed for additional , 3 - Ann Arbor can and will grow with direct personal involvement and participation. Physical scientists and technologists will work to cure the root causes of disease in our society. Sociological patterns under intensive study will equip our youth to impact more fully on tomorrow's problems. By means of a viable, productive program, the Model Cities occupants will gain increasing educational benefits, health care, social services, and economie power required to equate lots in society. ■ 4- Ann Arbor has a unique attraction and a serious problem. Pleas are emanating from students who have had indirect effects of hard drugs - loss of possessions and successive breakins. These alarms signal cali to speedy state legislation. Drug education should spell out ill effects to our society. Governmental funded programs should be initiated to alert us to the psychological abnormalities which predispose toward addiction. We seek youth to aid in finding the solutions. Youth must retrieve informaiton and data to program our study centers. Valued inputs will aid in determining corrective action to be implemented to save our society. Norris J. Thomas Jr. '7, t '7 Norris J. Thomas Jr., 27, of 1411 Chandler seeks election to City Council from the First Ward. He Is a lawyer and a Democrat. 1- Yes. 2-1 have no pat solutions to the problem of balancing city revenues with expenditures, but I do think a city income tax would be helpful in solving the problem. The citizens of Ann Arbor must realize that a city income tax is inevitable if the present level of services is to be maintained. Moreover such a tax would be more equitable than increasing our already too burdensome property tax. 3_My initial reaction is to say I would like to see Ann Arbor develop into a "Utopia." Speaking realistically, however, I would like to see more long-range planning and a careful weighing of the benefit offered by development against the social, economie and ecological burdens which will be imposed upon our community. I am certainly opposed to development which will result in urban blight and the ghettoization of certain segments of our community. Physically there should be numerous parks - "in city" parks, parks along the river - and a lot of open space. I would prefer to see the more development skyward rather than a eontinuous spread outward. 4- First and most important, drug use should be approached as an illness, rather than a crime. Secondly, more extensive education of our youth about the effects of drug use must be undertaken. Thirdly, our city should provide continuing support of the Methadone Program. Finally more pólice power should be concentrated on detecting and stopping pushers of the "hard" drugs and less on the more innocuous, forms of behavior.