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Donald I. Warren, 35, of 1611 Hatcher Crescont seeks election to City Counc from the Fllth Ward. He s an urban sociologist and a Democraf. 1- I support the park bond proposal and the maintenance of the existing zoning on the portion of the Bird Hills development currently under considera tion by the Council. 2- The soundest form of revenue is a tax tied to current productivity of the community which means that the property tax which is geared .to past values is not an 'appropriate basis for city revenue. The income tax comes closest to meeting this principie. 3- The planning function should be given more attention as a total concept. Very little attention has been given to the social problems of planning. For example, in the Briarwood discussions, the important issues of traffic flow and dangers to the natural environment have been given attention. Not enough concern has been given to a number of groups in the community and how they are af ected by this development. Elderly persons and others who have relatively less mobility may find themselves with fewer services and producís available to them. It is important to keep the interests of people as vell as wildlife and natural environment in mind in any planning decisión. 4- The elements of a sound ápproach are contained in Blue Ribbon Drug Abuse Report. (1) The study goes beyond the strictly legal problems of drug use and deals with the social realities of youth patterns and the drug culture. (2) It recognizes there is no such thing as a single drug problem. There are several kinds o? drug abuse patterns and each of these must be approached differently.