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Anti-Garris Support Cited

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Government, a new organiza Ition which is opposing dec tionoftheBepublicanücketsl Jack J. Garrís as mayor s Itoday that response to its lannouncexnent Monday has I Un extensive and favorable. The group's leaders inciuae former Mayor Pro Tem John ■ t Hathaway, former Second I Sucan CitV CoUee ,reXVefent NiKon's White House staff_ The grouP said in a state menttoday: tn'the ' I liThe response to the ■liad that e k wnounoed our position and our I should be I Led and made clear that we support the election on April l5; 1971, of RepubUcans Ed lRutka, Don Robmson Pete I Wright, Riek Hadier and Jack Cccomiekmthefiveward I lotions. We onlyask vote ■ to leave the mayor lever I alone. „ ■„ I ..We Wish to state . . clearly that we believe that íe eíection of Jack Garns IÉÉS? I .t without Garrís.