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Northeast Planning Group Supports Park Bonding

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The North-east Area Planning Review Committee has come out in support of the city's $3,500,000 bonding proposal for park land acquisitions and improvements. The proposition will appear on the ballot Monday. A statement signed by the committee's chairman, Meivin L. Larson, calis the Huron River Valley the city's "most important land resource," and says that in the past various aspects of city, University and railroad company ownership have served to save the river valley for recreation. "In continuance of this program, the parks and recreation bonding proposition wuld further serve public enjoyment of the Huron River Valley; it would provide other vitally needed acquisitions and developments," the statement says. The statement calis the plan for Argo Park "perhaps the most imaginative" for the northeast área. "This park would be situated close to the north-central residential and commercial áreas. This proximity and safe pedestrian access gives this park special importance. Recent city ownership of the oíd Wirth Canoe Livery and construction of new facilities will provide canoeing for the general public. Walking in the wooded, sloped natural área alongside Longshore Dr. will be encouraged. "Continuous pedestrian connection will exist between Huron Park, Argo Park, Riverside Park and Island Park. This extensive, continuous river park system through the center of the city would be unique." The committee says the Geddes Pond area plan, I including Gallup Park, 1 vides near continuity withj Island Park, includes a wide I range of recreational uses and preserves large natural áreas. "It offers ready access to the automobile without requiring extensive parking lots. Pedestrian use is encouraged by providing foot trails to the river's edge, next to marsh áreas where bird life will be most abundant; and also through the wet, prairie grass área, to be called Thompson's Prairie after its discoverer and promoter, where original prairie plants can be seen. This path will allow a edestrian tie-in with Universityo w n e d Dow Field and Nichol's Arboretum." The statement also says "deveíopment of Leslie Park for more diversiñed recreation to complement golfing, and the provisión of active recreational facilities at Sugar Bush Park are vital needs „ for northeast Ann Arbor." - ■