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Mayor Urges Varied Attack On Drug-related Crime

Mayor Urges Varied Attack On Drug-related Crime image
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i A major reason ïor the I crime increase nationally and locally is drug abuse and a multi-faceted antidote i s necessary, Mayor Robert J. Harris said this week. ; The mayor, seeking re-elec tion April 5 to a second term, spoke to the Firefighters Association at the Geddes Lakes Towne houses Community Center. . "To reduce crime and other problems linked t o drug abuse, we must deal with the situation in a number of ways," the mayor said. "No single," simple attack can meet the challenge. "Your city government is working on a number of fronts. We have proposed and agreed to particípate in a regional pólice task forcé, run bv the State Pólice, to V f " r f attack the overlords of the illegal drug business. Only in this way can we stem the flow of hard drugs into our community. "We have worked to obtain a federal grant to open two new heroin treatment clinics. This program will allow addicts to get off their very expensive, crime-supported habits. "We have applied for a grant to improve manpower training efforts in this región. This program can provide job skills for ex-addicts and those in treatment. "Additional steps, including education of the young to the dangers of drug use, are being taken as a result of the report of the Mayor's Blue I Ribbon Committee on Drugl Abuse. I - - - -