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S. R. Steingold

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Sarah R. Steingold, 33, of 1722 lan on eks RBPuHllcan nommation to City Councll from the Fourth Word. 1 - Two special to us are the incredible traffic flow o n Stadium and Packard and continual reassessment of homes in one of the newer subdivisions. We all wish to pay our fair share of taxes, but no more. All areas of thé City should be scrutinized on a more even basis. Though these might appear unimportant, we still experience the many other problems confronting Ann Arbor. Thirteen years of City residence, communicating with all segments of the community, following and studying Council and Commission actions and having the time, energy and devotion to solve the complex problems of this City. 2 - The advisory referendum is inadequate and deceptive. It is inadequate because it won't provide the revenue necessary to make up the deficit in the City Administrator's proposed budget between estimated income and expenditures, $782,191. Also, it will not be possible to collect and use any of the money for the entire 1972-73 fiscal year. The measure is deceptive becauseit appears that by lowering the property tax 7.5 milis, the reduction will last for a substantial period. The City Administrator's office feels we would need to levy a 4.5 milis property tax and a 1 to IV2 per cent income tax to maintain the current level of services. I would vote no on such a proposal as it now stands. However, City expenditures, no matter where budget cuts are made, will increase. The only equitable method of financing this increase is a higher income tax and a much lower property tax.