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Primary Races In Two Wards

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Although the major interest in fomorrow's election has foeused on the income tax advisory vote, electors in the Fourth and Fifth Wards will have some added incentive to go to the polls as Republican and Democratie candidates vie for their party's nomination. The Fourth Ward has generated the most activity as three Republicans and two Democrats are on the ballot. The Fifth Ward race has two men seeking the Democratie nomination. Republican candidates in the Fourth Ward are Sarah R. Steingold, Charles 7 ' LiLbCW" Frank and Bruce Benner. This race pits a banker (Benner) who is the "unofficial" choice of party regulars against an Eastern Michigan University student (Frank) and a housewife (Mrs. Steingold). The Democratie contest in the Fourth Ward also includes a housewife - Mrs. Mona Walz - who is running against William B. Everett who is a gradĂșate student in ubran and regional planning. Mrs. Walz' major interest over the years has also concentrated on planning. Republican and Democratie Fourth Ward candidates are vying for the seat being vacated by Republican James E. Stephenson. The Fifth Ward primary pits Augustine J. LaLonde, manager in the shipping department at a local electronic supply company, against Franz Mogdis, who is manager of the social science department at Bendix. LaLonde is the only person in the field of candidates tomorrow who has previously sought City. Council election. He has failed in both Republican and cratic primaries in the past. The winner of the LaLonde-Mogdis race will face incumbent Republican Lloyd Fairbanks in the April 3 election. One of the major issues in the campaign - and city wide - has been the income tax question. Everett, Mrs. Walz and Mogdis have endorsed the income tax, while Mrs. Steingold says she will vote "no" on the advisory question tomorrow because the one per cent tax would not bring in enough revenue to I t- ?leasej