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Opponents Outspend Winners In Sheriff Primaries

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Botn victoüióus candidates for nominations for county sheriff were outspent by their major opponents in the Aug. 6 primary. Candidates' expense statements filed with the county clerk show that David Copi, a law student, spent $2,626.20 in trying to win the Democratie nomination from Sheriff Douglas J. Harvey, while Harvey spent $2,205.58. The third man in that race, Lawrence Oltersdorf, spent $170. The three Democratie candidates reported the following contributions: Harvey, $1,611.75, Copi, $1,335.50, and Oltersdorf, $170. Some of Harvey's contributions are from business firms and officials said those that are from corporations may be questioned as violating the election law. Former sheriff George A. Petersen spent only $822.08 to win the Republican nomination. His two major rivals, Stanley Dulgeroff and Clare LaFerier, reported spending $3,051.45 and $1,446.60 respectively. The other GOP sheriff's candidates and their expenditures were Earl Willis, $152.04, and George Stauch, $437.49. Clark Shelton had not reported. The five reported the following contributions: Peterson, $822.08; Dulgeroff, $545; LaFerier, $670; Willis, $125, and Stauch, $125. Former Congressman Westoi E. Vivían spent $5,293.71 to win the Democratie nomination to oppose GOP incumbent Marvin L. Esch. His major opponent, A. Jerome Dupont, spent $4,668.02. The third man in the race, John McDermott, had not reported. Vivian reported contributions of $5,323.04 and Dupont reported $4,068.03. Esch, with no primary opposition, reported no expenses. In the Democratie race for county clerk, the successful candidate Lois J. Owens reported spending $476.04 and receiving $489.50. Her opponent, Gerald Wolf, had not reported. The Republican candidate, Robert M. Harrison, who had no opposition, reported spending $20. John M. Toomey who won the Democratie nominationfor prosecuting attorney spent $923.51 in the primary campaign and listed contributions of $31. His opponent Elmer White listed expenditures of $473.16 and contributions of $95. Republican incumbent William F. Delhey, who had no opposition, reported that he spent nothing and received no contributions. James M. Cregar who won the Democratie nomination for state representative in the 52nd Dis; trict reported spending $535.94 and receiving $300.33 in contri: butions, most of it from him self. His opponent, Steve Bech; er, had not filed. The Republican incumbent, : Roy Smith, spent and received ! nothing. Democratie candidate for state representative, George W. i Sallade who was unopposed, ■ spent $63.93 and had no contrit butions. Republican incumbent' - Raymond J. Smit, also unopposed, did not report.