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Eight Units In Washtenaw Have Election Contests

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Eight elections with contests, including one for mayor of Saline, will face residents of six local governmental units in Washtenaw County on Nov. 5. George Anderson, incumbent councilman and president pro tem of the Saline City Council, wiR be opposed by Hugh Keveling, former councilman for the mayor's office. Saline Mayor George Johnson will vie with three other candidates for the three vacancies on the council. The others include incumbent councilman Glenn Clark, Kenneth Rogers and Waldo Gross. Both council and mayoralty races are non-partisan contests. In Augusta Township, Democrat John Lyson will face Republican Gerald A. Notar for the full term trustee position. For the unexpired trustee term, Ralph G. Winkler, Democrat, will oppose Clarence F. Sheldon, Republican. Four candidates wül be contending for the two trustee Dosts in Pittsfield Township. They are Stanley M. Baldridge and John A. Cushing, Democrats and Albert C. Church and Donald J. LeClair, Republicans. Gerald W. Brewer, Democrat, and Leonard W. Thiel, Republican, will vie for the lone trustee post in Scio Township. In Ypsilanti Township, Democrats Frank Daniels and Henry J. Sturza will be opposed by Republicans Harold S. Arnettj md Willie D. King for the two ;rustee vacancies. Edward D. Sprague, Demo:rat, will face Republican Rob-i ;rt J. Dunlap and Gordon H. Vlattson for the two park comnission seats which have six?ear terms in Ypsilanti Township. Democrat Norman Eisemannj will be opposed by Republican George Merkei for the trustee position in Sylvan Township. A big change is expected to take place in the 22-member Livingston County Board of Supervisors in January as the result of redistricting on the basis of one man, one vote. At Last 10 of the 15 members will be new. Three members of the present board are unopposed in the general election one incumbent faces opposition and a former member also confronts a challenger. The unopposed candidates are board chairman Marshall Cooper, Brighton; Stanley Dinkel of Putnam Township and AUan Campbell of Handy Township. All are Republicans. Former supervisor and former Howell city clerk Fred Catrell Republican will face Democrat Edward J. Davis of Howell. Republican Howard Spicer, Green Oak Township Supervisor, will vie with Democrat William H. Groomes, of Whitmore Lake. They are seeking to represent District 15 in the southern half of Green Oak ship. Contests in southern Livingston County are pitting James Diefenthaler Republiean and Robert H. Ruttman, Democrat in District 4 (Unadilla - Iosco Townships); J. Henry DeBraff, Republiean and James R. Romine, Democrat in District 13 (Hamburg Township) and Raymond Maltby, Republiean and Gerald Sixbey, Democrat in District 14 (Northern half of Green Oak Townshp). In Green Oak Township, Republiean Leonard Farmer will be opposed by Democrat G. Sterling Seyfried for the trustee's seat. Republiean James F. B o y d will face Democrat William V. Backlund, incumbent, for the trustee post in Hamburg Township. Paul R. Mahinske, a political newcomer backed by a local magazine publisher, is pitted a g a i n s t Prosecuting Attorney Charles G. Gatesman in the nonpartisan race for the new Circuit Court bench in Livingston County. Mahinske, former member of the Workmen's Compensation Board, led a field of four i iates in the primary, polling ; 282 votes to Gatesman's 1,889. ( Gatesman, prosecutor for nine i years, has the strong backing of a citizen's committee which has been waging a battle to stop ( James C. Turner, publisher of 1 roday magazine, who has been claiming that the local judiciary i has been dominated by Martin i C. Lavan, a well-known Brighton ] attorney. A second judicial contest finds ncumbent Probate Judge Donild Rink, recently appointed by ïov. George Romney, competing vith E. Reed Fletcher, attorney ind Circuit Court commissioner. For county positions, Republi:an County Clerk, Joseph H. Elis will confront Democrat Rob;rt Burke while Republican sherff's candidate Charles H a r d s tfill oppose Democrat Edward Syypio. There were no contests for the )ther area positions.


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