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Local Group's Mailout Insults Intelligence

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ANY GROUO wíth-an axe to grind can put "Concerned" in front of its name, thereby making it appear as though this .group is civicminded, responsible and in the public interest. A mass mailing of objectionable material, none of which was originally anything other than propaganda, is not in the public interest. Yet this is the tactic employed by a "Concerned" group locally, to show that the mayor and the Democratie members of City Council are lax in moráis. It has to be a new low in Ann Arbor politics when, in an effort to forcé a recall election, this group uses the bulk mails for, as one of our readers calis it, "the largest distribution of smut in recent Ann Arbor history." He is not f ar wrong. We've seen the stuff the White Panthers turn out and it is off ensive, to b o t h middleclass taste and the average intelligence. So why spread the stuff around and exposé most of the city to what this group is trying to suppress? They were smart. They put the attention-getting "Contents for Adults Only" on the bulk envelope. That way the stuff doesn't get thrown out with the junk mail - a category which aptly describes the covering ters explaining the group's aims. JUDGING by the reaction so far, most Ann Arborites on the receiving end of the mailout were insulted or angered. As if they couldn't read for themselves, certain shock value passages were underlined. Some thought the "Concerned" group had more than matched the jüvenile character of the White Panthers. Nor are people taken in by the supposed respectability of every "Concerned" group that comes along. Despite what this mailout intends to establish as fact, Mayor Harris and City Council do not endorse the White Panthers or their opinions. The recall group has a right to express its viewpoint. But its poverty of strategy is manifest when it must resort to s u c h measures. "Concerneds" cross is not Mayor Harris and the Democratie Council members. This group is objecting to the presence of the White Panthers in Ann Arbor; to liberal community ards; and what this groi believes to be the outer lir its of free speech. To suggest that any ' these is wholly a Republic; or Democratie problem absurd.