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Parochiaid On Ballot

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LANSING - Michigan's voters will make the final decisión onstateaidtoparochial schools Nov. 3, but the $22 mü lion appropnated is presenuy constitutional. That's the immediate effec of two Supreme Court deci sions The broader effect-of nutting one of the most convet unknown. The state's highest court íour to three among seven. Chief Justice Thomas E. Brennan, Justices Thomas M. .Kavanagh, Thomas G. Kavanagh and Eugene F. Black saidl Justices John R. DeÜnners who seeks re-election a to Nov. 3 election), Harry F. Kel nyol cïnstitutional. Their wntten opinions giving M88 will not be availabe un tú JaterJ The other decisión allows tne Luestion of specifically declarj ing unconstitutional stae bZTTi ï Uot Thus if voters approv to constitutionalamendmentwhig : would presumably take Ithen have it taken away The uSion dollar itemeag vear} to continue. I The second decisión speciíi-l cally denles a motion by Atty.l Gen. Frank J. Kelley to contoL- itis notknovmjusthowl the constitution woulü reau m stateshall be separate, ffners to place the gestión on the ballot, but Keüey-wuu . . mm mm rarfmeritorioUus basis nave a decisión oL the SSfA -s clearly 1 -'"'""s-" m