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Esch Asks Court-named Watergate Prosecutor

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Despite President Nixon's plan of aptointing a second special Watergate rosecutor, Congressman Marvin L. Csch, R-Ann Arbor, has called for Con-ress to enact legislation allowing the Irosecutor to be appointed by the federal ourts. In a statement read into the Congressional Record Wednesday, Esch said: "There must be a completely independent prosecutor to carry out the functions of the investigation surrounding the Watergate incident as well as rplated matters. Another presidential pointment wffl be longer suffice for the American people . . . "As one who first introduced legislation to establish an independent prosecutor, I am sponsoring new legisla tion to establish an independent prosecutor in cooperation with the courts. My bill follows the American Bar Association recommendation that Congress pass legislation requiring appointment of an independent prosecutor by all sitting judges of the U.S. District Court in Washington." On the issue of possible impeachment - - - ■ mam of President Nixon, Esch urged that an I expeditious review of possible grounds I for impeachment by the House Judiciary I Committee be done. That committee has already begun its inquines, and Esch said he could not take stand on peachment because the committee has not yet reported to the House. "Eventually, when the House Judiciary Committee reports, I ma.v be caüed upon to perform my Constitutional responsibility to pass judgment in the House of Representatives by voting on the articles of impeachment as presented by the House Judiciary Committee. To prejudge this investigation and this votéis irresponsible and without precedent." Esch criticized senators who have said they believed Nixon should be impeached because the Senate may be required to vote on the matter and such statements could pre-judge guilt. "Several senators should consider ttisqualifying themselves in any future action " because of such statements. Esch also urged Congress nol to huid the nomination to the vice presidency oi Michigan Congressman Gerald Ford as "hostage" to gain presidential ■ tion. Esch said he believed Ford's confir-l mation.'after an extensive investigation into his record and background, should not hinge on further Watergate developments. I Esch urged Nixon to cooperate fully with any investigation adding, "The surrenclering of the tapes, while late in coming, was commendable." Esch also criticized Nixon's distrust of the media in the reporting of Watergate and related scandals. hm-- '