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Reward Fund Reaches $1,875 At St. Thomas

Reward Fund Reaches $1,875 At St. Thomas image
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A reward fuña aimed at bringing about an arrest in the arson at St. Thomas Catholic High School two weeks ago hasnow reached almost $2,000. The library of the Catholic school located at 525 N. State St. was virtually destroyed on the morning of Feb. 10 after burglars who had broken into the school complex set a series of fires. Fire officials estimated the loss would exceed $50,000. , Last Monday Leo J. Wagner, a former principal, athletic director and coach at St. Thomas, offered a reward of $500 for information leading to the arrest of the arsonist. Wagner, now an elementary school physical education instructor at St. Thomas, stressed at the time that the offer was being made as a private citizen and not as an offi' cial action by the school. Since that offer was anI nounced, a number of local I persons have notified Wagner and the school that they would I like to contribute to the reI Ward fund. Including the original $500 there has now been $1,875 given in for that _ purpose. Because of the widespread interest in the project Father William F. Meyers, pastor of I St. Thomas Church, Ronald Mrozinski, principal of the school, and Wagner met recently to map out a formal program for the fund. It was agreed that all contributions I will be deposited in a local I bank under the formal name I I "Friends of St. Thomas I ward Fund." Neither the I church nor the school are officially connected to the fund and monies received and dispensed will be done so by private individuals. "The aim of course is to draw out from whoever may "ïïave ít, key ''datayhich wül help fire and pólice investigators make an arrest in this case," Wagner said. Pólice Chief Walter E. Krasny, Fire Chief Arthur L. Stauch and Prosecuting Attorney William F. Delhey have agreed to serve as an I mal committee which will I cide how the reward funds I will be dispensed. The 1 mittee is free to dispense the I funds in whatever way it f eels ij necessary in order to bringi about an arrest, Wagner not-l ed. Chief Kransy said last week I that while investigators froml his department and the Firel Department had developedl several promising leads in the I case additional help was 1 ed from the public He issued I a formal appeal for persons! with information to contact I authorities. Area residents wishing to I contribute to the reward fund may send checks made out to "Friends of St. Thomas Reward Fund" to Leo J. er, 432 Brookside Dr., Ann Arbor, 48105. Persons with information which they feel may lead to an arrest may forward such data to Krasny or one of his aides at 769-6311; to Stauch at i iiT-rrnrm "863-4139" or TóT3eïhéy at the! County Building, 663-7511. The three officials have I made assurances that the I identity of tipsters will be I protected and a caller need I not give his name on an initial I cali. I "We are willing to meet I anywhere, at any time with a I person desiring to give I mation," Chief Krasny says. ] And he or she can be assured I of complete anonymity."