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WCC Trustees Seek Part-Time Teachers

WCC Trustees Seek Part-Time Teachers image WCC Trustees Seek Part-Time Teachers image
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- - Ty - .v I A policy governing the hiring of part-time faculty members [(with or without teaching or leducational background) from Ibusiness and industry to teach Ithe greater than expected numIber of students enrolling at Iwashtenaw Community College Iwas approved by the Board ,qf iTrustees last night. I The trustees also approved :he appointments of three more l:eacher-counselors, one of whom ■was hired to handle the great Idemnad for drafting instruction. ■The popularity of this program Iwas so great the college also Ihad to equip a second classnróom for it. College President David H. Bonitz reported to the board liiïe college will have more stui&ntsMhan originally projected I 4nd that many of these students f Will be taking "extended day" Ipr to 10 p.m.) classes. 1 "This additional enrollment suggests that a real effort must Ibe made to seek out the most ïoutstanding teacher talent posI sible, from the community, area Ibusiness ánd industries and from lexisting college staff members," Ihe said. The outside part-time faculty I would be involved in the "ex tended day" program. Ponitz 1 recommended paying such perI sons on a sliding scale based on I their background, education, cx I perience and regular salary. I j The board adopted a sdH ranging from $5.50 per hour stüdëntssïïpërvïan laboratory sections to $15 foM [i professionals such as engineersj Full - time faculty membersj Jwho teach an "extended day" 'i class as part of their regular I course load would not be paid I additionally. Only those who are asked toj Itake one overload class during Ithe "extended day" would be I paid an additional amount. No full-time faculty member lat the rollege will be permitted lfo teaeh more than one "overl'oad" course each semester. The I board added, on the motion of I Trustee Ralph C. Wenrich, this II ffÜ 'De Permitted "only when it l Bij the best interest of the chili." 'Wenrich and others on th'èi' I board have expressed concaHI I about overloading faculty menffll Ibers, and about fostering cqfll Ipetition for and dependence o Ithe income from teaching exvjM Ihours. The three teacher-counsel Ihired officially last night werej' ■Percy Mealing, physics and Imathematics; John B. McGill, f Iphysics and mathematics, ancl'1 ■David R. Byrd, architectural Idrafting, construction materials, Ihistory of architecture and surI veying. Mealing comes from Cass I Technical High School in Detroit I where he has taught for 14 I years. He has a bachelor's deI gree in mathematics and physf ics from Talladega College, Alabama, and a master's degree in counseling from the University of Michigan. He has done additional gradúate work in the sub- jects he will teach. tjijMcGill has been a departent head at C hel sea High mol for the past seven yr He has a bachelor's degree irom Eastern Michigan Univer iity in mathematics, physics aiv english and is completing a master's degree there. He has been a critic teacher for the University of Michigan this past year. Byrd is a registered architect who has designed a number of homes, churches and small busin e s s establishments. He has taught in high schools in Washington, D. C, and is certified by the National ApprenticeshipB Training Council as an instruc-B tor of drafting. He was educatedil at Hampton Institute in Vir-ll ginia, and Howard University inll Washington. 1 This brings to 56 the numberl of full-time faculty membersGI hired to teach this first H ter.