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Rent Strikers Picket Barber; Tempers Flare

Rent Strikers Picket Barber; Tempers Flare image
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Tempers flared "as rent stnkers today picketed in front of Ike's Barber Shop, 117 W. Washington, in protest against the shop owner, Ike Kozminski, who also is a landlord. The strikers, members of the tenants union, live in properties owned by Kozminski and claim he cut off their Utilities and broke into their apartments. The strikers also gave the original rent strike issues, mainly high rent and no maintenance, as issues. Kozminski's wife broke the picket line in front of Kozminski's at 117 W. Washington, wading into the strikers and attempting to tear away their signs. She ripped one sign out of the hands of Jim Brugh, 808 W. Washington, stomping it underfoot. When Brugh protested, she struck him. Brugh filed a complaint with a plainclothes detective on the scène. Brugh said Kozminski had harrassed him continuously for his participation in the rent strike. A few days ago, according to Brugh, Kozminski threatened to throw him and his belongings out of a W. Washington apartment, and have the locks changed. Brugh said Kozminski had attempted previously to break into the apartment, throwing rocks and light bulbs at the door. Similar complaints were voiced by other strikers. Kozminski refused to comment.