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Woman Gets New Lung At U Hospital

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aurgeons at Umversity Hospital yesterday transplanted the left lung of a 30-year-old man into the body of an Ann Arbor woman whö had been suffering from a progressive lung disease for several years. It was the second such operation performed at the medical center. Mrs. Pauline S. Holland, 64, the recipiënt of transplant, was reported in good condition and recoveras well following her four hours on the operating table. Sne was taken to the cardiac intensive care unit for recovery upon completion of the transplant, which began two hours behind schedule and lasted from 4 to 8 p.m. yesterday. A hospital spokesman said the operation was successful and that there were no initial complications. Mrs. Holland received the left lung of a male donor whose identity is not being revealed at the request of his family. He suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and died last Thursday. His heart and lung have been maintained clinically until the necessary tissue matching could be obtained to determine if he was a suitable donor. The recipiënt, formerly of Ferndale, has a lung condition of unknown cause called "interstatial fibrosis," which progressively replaces healthy lung tissue with scar tissue. Albert Lee Karnick, at the time 51 was the world's 24th and the U-M's first lung transplant in September, 1969. He failed to survive the initial period of recovery, even though there were no signs of rejection or infection. The U-M transplant team is headed by Dr. Donald R. Kahn, who with Dr. David Blumenstock performed the world's first successful lung transplant on a dog at I the U-M in 1960. Drs. Kahn and Blumenstock, who is now on the staff of the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, N.Y., are credited with being the first surgeons to work out the techniques and many of the immunologie problems of lung transplants.