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Victim's Daughter Describes Beating, Kicking

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Fonda Boyce, 12-year-old stepdaughter I I of accused murderer John B. McGee, testified Wednesday that she saw McGee I beat and kick her mother and heard him I say he was going to kill the woman. McGee, a former mental patiënt who I authorities claim has been 'linked to 25 I slayings in the Detroit área, is charged I with the beating death of his wife, Julia, I in her apartment at 3605 Green Brier I Blvd. last month. Fonda was Mrs. McGee's daughter by I a previous marriage and had been living I I with her. mother in Ann Arbor when I I McGee was released from a state mental I I facility and moved in with his wife! He was arrested on the murder charge I !only 30 days following his release from I the center for Forensic Psychiatry at I Ypsilanti State Hospital, where he had I been committed '-áfter being foumTTóTl guilty by reason of insanity in a Detroit I murder trial last summer. I In March, a jury in Wayne County I bate Court found that he was no.longer I insane under new state guidelines I erning the mentally 11. Fonda's testimony came Wednesday I during a preliminary examination in the case in 15th District Court. The girl said she witnessed part of a violent argument between her mother and McGee in their bedroom in the early morning houfs of April 14. She said she was in her own bedroom when she heard her 'mother being slapped, then watched as "he threw her on the floor in a closet and started stomping on her face with his heel." She testified that at one point, McGee jumped up and landed on Mrs. McGee's face. with both feet. He was shoeless at the time, she said. "He kept telling her I i there was nothing wrong with her and to I get up," Fonda said. I "I asked him, 'Why don't you leave I her alone?' and he said, 'No. I'm going I to kill her,' " Fonda testified. She told assistant prosecutor Jerome I I Farmer that after she had threatened to I I leave the apartment if the assault on her I I mother continued, McGee carne into her I I bedroom and teartully apologized, "but I I he told me what happened was none of I I my business.'' Fonda finally did flee the apartment - I I allegedly as McGee was searching for a ■ I handgun Mrs. McGee kept in the 1 I ment - and ran to a neighbor's house. I I from which pólice were called. The child was cross-examined forl I more than an hour by defense attorney I I Sheldon Halpern. She admitted to ■ I ern that she disliked McGee and had I tried tö reach the gun herself to stop the attack on her mother. ' "If I had the gun, I was going to shoot him," she said. When pólice arrived at the apartment about 2:45 a.m., they found Mrs. McGee's nude and battered body lying in a pool of blood. She died several hours later at University Hospital. Pólice Chief Wal ter Krasny said an autopsy revealed that the woman was "literally beaten to death . . . punched, stomped, kicked." The only other witness tó testify at , Wednesday's court hearing was Dr. Robwmmamm - m ert C. Hendrik, Washtenaw County 1 ty medical examiner who performed the I autopsy on Mrs. McGee. Hendrix said the victim died from 1 veré brain injuries." He said she 1 fered numerous facial bruises and I bruises over other parts of her body, two I broken ribs and "areas of bruising and I tearing of the brain tissue." Hendrix testified that the injuries I could have, been caused by "multiple I blows," and that those blows could have I i been inflicted by hands or feet. He said I he found no indication that an instruI ment had been used to assautt Mrs I McGee. In his opinión, Hendrix noted, all of the I injuries were received a few hours I fore the woman died. JudgeS. J. Èlden adjourned the I amination until June 4 and remanded I McGee to the County Jail without bond. Halpern said he intends to listen to a I taped statement which Fonda made to I pólice shortly after McGee's arrest. The I Detroit lawyer said he may use the I ment in an effort to impeach the girl's I credibility as a witness. ■MWTTIMlMMll m