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Preliminary plans for the Argo Park development are shown on this map, prepared by consultant Norman L. Dietrick and Associates. Features of the plan include: inc--d parking area at the small park under Northbelt M-14 bridge; a trail system completely through the Argo Park complex; renovation of the entire canoe livery/boat launch area, including shore treatment and parking lot; a waterfall/fountain system to take water from the old headrace to the river, and a canoe portage spot at the end of the headrace; walkways and bikeways constructed under the Broadway bridge; a bridge across the Huron below the Broadway bridge to connect the trail system across to park property south of the river; and renovation and landscaping of that parcel. Marked also on the map are areas of land not presently owned by the city, but which would be valuable additions to the park property. Parcel "a" is land at the foot of Longshore which could be used as a parking lot, thus freeing the river edge for landscaping. Parcel "b" is owned but not used by Michigan Consolidated Gas Company, which is a key parcel needed to connect a renovated and expanded Summit Park to the Argo Park complex. Parcel "c" is land now presently owned and used by Detroit Edison. Needed here is a strip along the river for the trail system, but the whole parcel may be available in the near future, and if it is it would make a very valuable addition to the park, adjoining present Riverside Park as it does. Parcel "d" is the Johnson-Greene property, which the city has been interested in and attempting to come to agreement to purchase for some years. Though not a necessary component of the Argo Plan shown here, it is vital as a scenic backdrop for river use, and would be a most valuable addition to the area.