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Police Oppose 'Pot' Penalty Cut By City

Police Oppose 'Pot' Penalty Cut By City image
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Jerry Wright, president of the Ann Arbor Police Officers Association, saysl the association supports Pólice Chief Walter Krasny in his objections to any local ordinance which would reduce possession of marijuana from a felony to a misdemeanor. "We do not believe that such action would be legal or in the best interests of society and the young people of our city," Wright said. "We believe that any action of thisl City Council in attempting to reduce thel penalty is illegal. The Legislature has established the penalties for possession of marijuana and should change it if the penalties are improper. We, as an association, have reservations about the mandatory sentence at the state level and support the review of these statutes. Regardless of pressures, it is not right that a group of lawmakers knowingly enact an illegal law. "Such an ordinance would not do any good any way. It is unrealistic to attempt to isolate marijuana from the total drug scene, where it has played a leading role. The use of marijuana fosters experimentation with other drugs including, in many instances, so-called "hard" drugs. It is a statistical fact that where any type of illegal drugs are possessed or used by a large segment of the popoulation, an increase in other types of crime usually results. Thus, in Ann Arbor, breaking and enterings, armed robberies and larcenies have increased dramatically. An ordinance which reduces the penalty for possession or use of marijuana would only serve to encourage its use."