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Merchants Respond Favorably To Dial-a-ride

Merchants Respond Favorably To Dial-a-ride image
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I n contrast to previmis reactions about public transportation systems a small group of merchants reacted positively during a meeting about the Dial-A-Ride system this week. Ann Arbor Transportation Authority officials addressed a small group of merchants from the downtown área and then answered questions. The general feeling was more positive, very distintively, according to William Bott, president of the Ann Arbor Área Chamber of Commerce. With previous systems it has always been negative, and with good reason, he said. But the group of merIchants also feit the main effect on the central business district would not be f elt until cess of Dial-A-Ride. The more made available city wide. The system shows great promise, Bott said. Transportation Authority officials said the business community has a stake in the success of dial-A-Ride. The more people who come into the center of Ann Arbor to transact I their business, shop and enjoy themselves, the more the intown business community will I I prosper, an official said. It I was stated that the system can aid business even within I its present limited s c o p e , (roughly 2100 households are no w being served). The Transportation j ty has developed a five-point program for business participation. One is for business to encourage customers vvho live in the service área to use Dial-A-Ride by offering f ree, I convenient telephone service I for return trips. Another is .o I encourage employés who live I in the service área to use the I service to and from work. The third point in the I gram is to assist the 1 portation Authority in the sale I of tickets and passes. Another point was to particpate in the Dial-A-Ride advertising campaign. The fifth point was for business to offer an incentive plan for customers.