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Dial-a-Ride Passes Still $10

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Ann Arbor Transportation Authority officials announce they are continuing the "introductory offer" of $10 for monthly "dial-a-ride" passes. The continuation is not necessarily by choice, but because of the wage and price freeze. AATA officials have asked the federal government for permission to increase the i monthly pass rates but have not heard one way or the other. Monthly passes were to sell for $15 but the authority, when the "dial-a-ride" system started, decided to acquaint citizens with the service by selling passes for $10. This $10 was to have been for the first month of operation only. Officials say there are som 80 passes out now. Single fares for the "dial-a-ride" service are 60 cents but because of the passes the age revenue per rider has been about 43 cents. At one point the system was averaging only about 31 cents per passenger. William Drake, chairman of the AATÁ, said initially he would consider "dial-a-ride" a "qualified success" if it reached an average of 200 passengérs per day during the initial phase of operations. This 200 figure has been reached, but because of the low revenue per passenger the authority is re-examining what it will consider a "qualified success." It had been hoped that the 200 passengérs per day would average out at about 50 cents. The authority will conduct a complete evaluation, along with the state, early next year to determine what will be done during the second phase of the "dial-a-ride" operation. Presently, the system services basically the Southwest area of the city.