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The following are the 101 area servicemen who have died in Vietnam since 1963: Ann Arbor George F. Vlisides, David D. McKenzie Pfc. Donald Roddy, Pfc. Walter McIntire, Capt. Clark Woodworth, Spec. 4 Stanley Thompson, Lance Cpl. Bruce Barth, Cpl. William Johnson, Lt. Arthur Klippen, Capt. David Wagener, Cpl. Edward Stanton, Pfc. Daniel lili, Pfc. Clive Mosier, Aviation Electronics Technician 3.C. John M. Pruner, Airman 2.C. Charles Boss, Spec. 4 George V. Airey III Charles P. Brown, Sgt. Charles Miller, Spec. 4 Herbert N. Stehle, Cpl. Robert O'Neal, Pfc. Gregory Shambaugh, HM3 Gary Sheppardson, Pfc. Eugene Suarez, Pfc. Paul Etter, Second Lt. Dean E. Spaulding, Pfc. Donald G. Bousley, WO1.C. James E. Kirby, Pfc. James Jones WO Michael W. Hunter, Pfc. Douglas P. Atkins, WO John D. Eddy and Maj. William J. Morgan. Ypsilanti Cpl. Jack M. Hopkins, Lance Cpl. Herman Fuller, Spec. 4 Richard Wormdahl, Medical Corpsman 2.C. David Palmer, Spec. 4 John McConnell, Pfc. Robert Albertson, Cari R. Arvin, Sgt. Dannie L. Johnson, Pfc. Michael Cribelar, Cpl. Larry Adams, Second Lt. Phillip Crane, Spec. 4 Philip Spencer, Pfc Eddie W allace, Pfc. Lavern M. Lamey, Spec. 4 Earl T. Hoag. Pfc Paul D. Elwart, Spec. 4 ■ Robert L. Freeman, Pvt. James H. Covey, Pfc. James W. Davy, Spec. 4 Billy Ferrell, Pfc. Keith A. Stoddard, Capt. Frank F. Maki, Spec. 4 Thomas S. Celelande and Lance Cpl. Kendall Benney. Milan fcj WO James Gruezke, Pfc. Larry G. Gray, Seaman James Bryan, Cpl. Robert ■ Piercy, Spec. 4 Jimmie S. Warren, Lance Cpl. Larry J. Eglinsdoerfe and Corpsman 3.C. Philip Scott Smit. Plymouth Cpl. Richard Nowry, Pfc. Richard , riek Pfc. John Lucier, Spec. 4 James T. ■ Fields, Pfc. James P. Eckles, Spec. 4 Hugh M. Sarah -and CWO Harry F. Zalesny. Manchester Pvt Ronald Alexander, Píe James Bihlmeyer, Sgt. Peter Valencich and Sgt. Rickie D. Sparks. Chelsea I Machinist Mate 2C Keith Kleis, Pfc Ronald Koch, Pfc. Michael Turner and PO 3.C. Robert E. Kushmaul Jr. ■ Belleville Pfc Roger Bulifant, Spec. 4 Burton Sharp Pfc. R. C. Petrimoulx, Pfc. Greg . A Barker and Pfc. Gary A. Kirchner. I Others from the area are Lt. William I Brown and S. Sgt. David P. Brooks of I Tecumseh; Lance Cpl. Donald A. DavidI son of Bridgewater; Pfc. Roy Branham, I Lt. Robert C. Marvin and Spec. 4 James I W Harter of Dexter; Sgt. James I ■ voy and Spec. 4 Albert Rose of South I I Pfc. James Loso and Sgt. William I M Light of Pinckney; Spec. 4 Charles I I Bird of Northville, Spec. 5 Kenneth FulI I ton of Willis, Pfc. Robert Walker of HoI Iwell Cpl. RusseU Michalke of Saline, I I Pfc. John M. Donohue of Stockbridge, I I Spec 4 William Gouger Jr. of Willis, Lt. I I Duane H. Landwehr of Clinton, Pfc. I ■ Johnny E. Mcle of Brighton.