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Supervisors Fete Retiring County Clerk

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What started as an drdinary, busy working day for County Clerk Luella M. Smith became special yesterday when members of the County Board oi Supervisors surprised her with the declaration of Luella Smith Day. Mrs. Smith, who was acting as clerk of the board for its day-long meeting as she has done for 29 years, was presented with an orchid corsage just before noon and escorted to a luncheon by the supervisors who sprouted badges proclaiming "Luella Smith Day." Sixty-six of her friends now serving with her in county government joined in the luncheon tribute which ended in a standing ovation. Mrs. Smith, who did not seek re-election and who will serve until Jan. 1, was acclaimed by: Circuit Judge William F. Ager Jr. who said, 'Tve been in the prosecutor's office under Luella. I've been judge under Luella. Fve known her since Law School. I don't know what we could have done without her." Supr. Cari Mast of Webster Township, the senior member of the Board of Supervisors, who said, "She has done a remarkable job. She has gone out of her way to please the public." 'The Nicest Boss' Mrs. Arliss Dennison, one of her deputies, who called her "the nicest boss I've ever had." Dr. Otto K. Engelke, county health director and another long-time county employé, who said, "Her influence is not limited to this county, it is statewide." He changed the state motto for the day to "Luella Smith if you would like to see a península that loves and respects you, look about you." Ypsilanti Mayor and Supr. John Burton called Mrs. Smith "one of the most gracious public officials I've ever known. She is dedicated. She has extended a helping hand to everyone who came to her. For the people of Ypsilanti, I wish you continued success and a well earned rest," He prefaced his remarks by saying he hoped she would not object to a sincere compliment from a Democrat. Prosecuting Attorney William F. Delhey paid tribute to her expertise in the areas covered by her office, particularly election laws. He said he had never found her wrong in his 12 years with the prosecutor's office which is her legal adviser. Mrs. Smith responded, "My happiness has been being with and working with you and the people of Washtenaw County. I made a vow when I took office that everyone who came through my door was a friend. I loved every year and everyone I have worked with." Feared Elections She confided that before taking office she had "thought the most horrible thing one could have to do was run for office." Her success at the polls over the years, however, proved that she had nothing to worry about. Mrs. Smith was elected 13 times, often leading the Republican county ticket. At the conclusión of the luncheon, it was back to work as usual for the clerk who has four more board meetings and one of the biggest elections of her career to administer along with 2,200 other duties prescribed by law to perform before she can think about retirement plans.