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Witn its affirmative action program for hiring minorities into área skilled trades in gear, Washtenaw Community College is now seeking applicants for the program. Dean Hunt, deán of occupational programs at the college, has sent out a cali for all persons interested in entering the program to contact him or Robert Jackson, coördinator of occupational programs at WCC. Initially, 25 persons will be placed in apprenticeship or journeyman programs in the building trades fields. Along with participants in the program, the college is also seeking a coördinator to recruit them. Applications for the coördinator post are still open and the position is expected to be filled by March 1. Until then, Jackson will serve as acting coördinator. The program was developed by the college and local contractors and unions. It seeks jestablish a ratio of minorities within the building trades similar to the ratio of minorities within the county's population. Before persons are placed in apprenticeship or journeyman programs, [hey will be screened and counseled to see if they have the basic educational skills needed. If not, the counseling will determine the areas in which they need improvement and the college will then try to provide this help. Hunt also announced ihat the contractors and unions have selected an administrative advisory committee which will run the program. The committee will be headed by Jack Wheatley, business manager of Plumbers Local 190, and vice chairman will be Sterling Williams, a representative from the Black Contractors Association. Other members are F. Ray Gilbert, business manager of Carpenters Local 512; Norman Kennedy, from the Black Tradesmen; Henry Landeau, president of the Homebuild- ers Association; Robert Fair, from the Association of Contractors; and Hunt, formerl temporary chairman of the committee, representing the college. It was also announced that a countywide resources committee is being formed to assist in recruiting and continuing the community involvement in the program. Fundïng for the plan will come from the federal government and the college. A ?21,000 budget has been set for this first year, with 80 per cent of this coming from the government, through the state BoardJ of Education. ï