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CEW Scholars - 'Multiple Roles For Women'

CEW Scholars -  'Multiple Roles For Women' image CEW Scholars -  'Multiple Roles For Women' image
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Twenty women stjáents, returning to school after absences of from one to 22 years, were awarded 1974-75 Continuing Education for Women scholarships at the University of Michigan Thursday. The women, ranging in age from 21 to 47, are enrolled currently or will study at the U-M in undergraduate, gradúate or professional degree programs during the coming academie year. They are ch'osen for academie excellence and potential success in their chosen fields. This is the fourth year the awards 'have been made to women who are returning to complete an education interrupted for family, work or other reasons. The grants, based on each scholar's need, range from $500 to $2,000. The scholarships are funded by individual contributions to the U-M Center for Continuing Education of Women (CEW). Seven of this year's winners are married; 13 are single, divorced or separated. Ten' women have children. Five scholars are undergraduates, six are master's candidates, seven are working on their Ph.D.'s, and two are in Medical School. U-M Vice-President for Academie Affairs Alian F. Smith presented the awards at the Rackham Auditorium ceremony. This year's Margaret Price-Lynn Bartlett Fellowship winners are Doreen Deborah Bierbrier and JoClayre Thomas. The annual awards recognize two women of "outstanding promise in the field of public service andor education." The awards honor the late Mrs. Price, former vice-chairwoman of the Democratie National Committee, and Bartlett, former Michigan superintendent of public instruction. Ms. Bierbrier is working on her master's degree in public health in population planning and health education. She spent two years in the Peace Corps in the Philippines and has directed a rural family planning program in California. 'f U Ms. Thomas has degrees from the University of Washington Harvard, Brandéis, and is working on her Ph.D in political science at the U-M. She has taught at the college level and ha worked with social acüon groups. She plans a career of teaching. The 18 other CEW scholars are recognized "for motivation and commitment to a multiple role as women in society " Marjorie J. Crippen Alber began college 22 years after she graduated from high school. She is planning a career in teach at the secondary school or community college level and works on a bachelor's degree in English and social studies at the U-M. Joan Corbin Allen returned to college after a 17-year interruption. She is working on a bachelor's of general studies degree, in preparation for work with handicapped children Susan Javier Almazol will enter the U-M in speech communications next fall for a master's degree. She has worked as a newspaper reporter in Los Angeles and served as a Vista volunteer. Ann Rosegrant Alvarez will enroll this fall for a master's degree in social work and community practice. She has worked in the Philippines and in Louisiana, and plans to work with her husband among Spanish-speaking groups after she receives her degree. Nancy Elizabeth Cook is working for her B.A. degree in human nutrition, following several years spent as a photographer's model in Europe. She plans a career in nutrition education, counseling and researching the psychology of obesity. Laura Clayton de Souza plans to work for a Ph.D. degree in music composition with a cognate in film-making. Her goal is to combine music, films, kinetic sculpture and dance in contemporary and ethnic music expression. She will return with her husband to his native country, Brazil, in 1976. Doreen Ruderman Garlock of Ypsilanti will work for a master's degree in psychiatrie nursing. She entered college 17 years after she graduated from high school. She hopes to teach nurses and help people cope with life in institutions. Joan Elizabeth Gittens is getting her Ph.D. degree in history. She plans to teach in a small college and research social welfare history, with emphasis on reform movements in America prior to the Civil War. Susan Heath Giber Golden has already received her master's iegree from the U-M and is continuing for a doctórate in clinici psychology. She has worked in a mental health clinic, and Dlans to research the psychology of parenthood. Barbara Ann Kertesz Gutek received her master's degree in ocial work at the U-M in 1973 and is working on her Ph.D. in rganizational psychology. She studies women' s and minoriies' participation in leadership and decision-making roles. She ïas been a social worker, substitute teacher and community :ollege lecturer. Mary Virginia Hampton Harrison is working on a bachelor's Iegree in elementary education. She finished high school after 12-year break, and now works as an educational assistant Mie enrolled at the U-M. She has nine children. Beverly A. Chapital Howze of Detroit began study for her 'h.D. degree in clinical psychology last September. She has experience as a high school teacher, counselor and political party worker. Her goal is to increase relevance in psychology for minority groups. Patricia Louise James began work in 1972 for her M.D. degree. She plans to specialize in primary medical care to prepare for work as a family doctor or emergency room physician. Last summer, she helped develop an emergency medical curriculum at a Boston clinic. Judith Silvers Kaplan is studying for her master's degree in social work administration and policy in order to continue her work with community groups and volunteer organizations. She began gradúate work at the U-M after just two undergraduate years. Sherry Lynn Gaede Rogers plans a career in physical anthropology. For the past five years, she has worked as a medical research laboratory assistant while studying for her B.A. degree in anthropology and zoology. Deborah Jean McGregor Smith is the second 1974 CEW scholar enrolled in the M.D. program. She plans to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology, then psychiatry. Her goal is to organize a health care facility offering preventive, social and pathological medicine. She planned and organized a summer orientation for entering black medical students, and is volunteer lecturer on drugs. Young-Hee Lee So is working on a Ph.D. in guidance and I counseling. She is on leave as an assistant professor of education from Sook-Myung Women's University in Seoul, Korea. Her goal is to develop a, model for cross-cultural counseling to help students adapt to cultures different from their own She will return to Korea in one year. Susan Marcia Zaro enrolled at the U-M last fall to work on her master of public health degree in maternal and child health. She is particularly interested in the health problems facing women. She has worked in hospital family planning, and has done research on racial discrimination in housing, on child care programs and family planning. She is now focusing on health care delivery and hopes to be trained as a midwife.