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Autopsy Shows EMU Coed Was Stabbed Many Times

Autopsy Shows EMU Coed Was Stabbed Many Times image
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Autopsy Shows EMU Coed
Was Stabbed Many Times

YPSILANTI — A 19-year-old
Eastern Michigan University
coed, whose dismembered nude
body was found Tuesday on a
Superior Township farm, was
stabbed to death.

Announcing the results of
autopsy, the medical examiner's
office said today Mary Fleszar
received many stab wounds in
the chest.

Dental work of the coed was
used to positively identify the
body, which was badly decom-
posed when found by the son
of the farm owner and a friend,
»s being Miss Fleszar, who had
been missing from her Ypsilanti
apartment since July 9.

A pathologist at University
Hospital, where the autopsy was
conducted, said the autopsy re-
vealed an attempt had beea
made to conceal the identity ol|
the victim. • .

The body was found with on®
forearm and the fingers of the
other hand and both feet

A team of detectives from the:

|Michigan State Police and Ypsi^

lanti Police Department, mean-
v/hile, attempted to piece to-
gether the events leading to the
grisly slaying.

Interviewing all of her
friends, associates and relatives,
they are attempting to learn
where the coed may have gone
after she walked out of her
apartment at 413 Washtenaw,
telling her roommate she was
going for a walk.

In combing the abandoned
farm property yesterday, detec-

tives determined the body had north side of Geddes, three-
been moved three times on the tenths of a mile west of LeForge
property. Rd. It is about three miles from

They said the body was first the apartment Miss Fleszar
placed on top of a pile of bottles shared with Miss Nancy De-
and cans which were dumped in Masellis.
an area obscured by a clump
of box elder trees.

The body then was moved five
feet south of this location and
detectives believe it lay here
for some time.

Detectives say that later the
body was moved three feet

^ Mrs. Chester Fleszar of 10746
Willow, Augusta Township,
mother of the dead girl, identi-
fied a leather and plastic san-
dal found at the scene as being
one of a pair her daughter had
bought before going to Expo 67 illli|^B|lilS
in Montreal this spring.

An employe of the EMU Field
Service Office, Miss Fleszar
also was an accomplished or-
ganist. She played at a wed-
ding the night before she dis- MARY FLESZAR
appeared. [

Her father, a supervisor OH
[method engineering for Moyna-
han Bronze Co. in Flat Rock,
was a trustee on the Augusta
Township Board for one term
beginning in 1961.

Medical examiners said the
body had been lying in the field
for a month.

The farm is located on the