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Mis. Gay went to Arm Arbor recently. Calvin Luchas made a tour to Detroit lately. Miss Lou Sill is visiting her uncle and family, in Detroit. Miss Almlra Abbott, made a trip to Anu Arbor recently. r .'.! . ' -,.-, ',; - ' ,.. il. i T XJLtöiHOi) -t OlAi inv iknU. J_. W. Briggs to the metropolis. F. F. Taylor, of Detroit, spent Sunday with his wife and baby here. Mrs. Edna Berdslee, of Detroit, recently visited her aunt, Mrs. Britton. Miss N. Flood, of Penn Yan, N. Y., has been here visiting her uncle and family. John Taylor and wife, of Boyne City, Mich., spent a few days with S. Thrasher. Mrs. L.C. Palmer and children, are making a week's visit at Howell, their old home. We have folks among us who commemorate their birthdays by washing their faces. Miss Anna Dolan during the past week, been enjoying herself with friends at Honey Creek and vicinity. Mrs. Frazer, nee Ilenning, of Chicago, only daughter of David Hening, has recently been the guest of George Lyon and family. To the Milan correspondent greeting, and the Dexter brother would like to have a chat with it, herorhim. Is it a lawyer? The funeral services of John Dawson, an old citizen of Dextcr, were held at St. Joseph's church on the 3Oth uit. His age was 70 years. Jacob Jedele had occasion to go to Ann Arbor a few days ago, but he was very quiet about it and did liot make his business known. It is said a pup remains a pup till it is a year old and then becomes a dog. There are exceptions to that. We know of puppies of all ages between 15 and 60 years. Miss Kate Cullinene and her brother Ed. and Torn. went to Ensley, Newaygo county, on the 3oth, uit., to attend the funeral ot their brother, James W. The Dexter damsels intend to avail themselves of their special prerogative and will, on the evening of February 3rd, commence a series of leap year entertainments. Rev. John Claflin, Rev. H. Burns, L. C. Palmer, Fred Litchfield and David Wilcox, attended the Sunday school convention at Ypsilanti, on Wednesday, February ist. James W. Cullinene, of Ensley, Newaygo county, and brother of Mrs. P. Fitzsimmons, of Dexter, died on the 29Ü1 uit., of Bright's disease. His age was 50 years. Therc are many human beings in existence who have never done any good, and never will; but there is one benefit they will inevitably confer on the world, and that is, when they leave it. A painless death is given to useless animáis in London. If all our useless animáis had to be killed, much sufFering would be prevented by the adoption of the London system in this community. Mrs. Olie Vaughn, of Webster, is absent to Jackson on a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Waldron. Mrs. Vaughn has not been long married, and the scènes and associations of her childhood have still many attractions for her. The question arises whether, if our milk consumers could be permitted to witness all the phase's through which the milk passes from the milking to delivery, the price would not have to be increased to insure a profit to the producers. In some countries, it is considered a mark of ill-breeding to eat anything like candy, peanuts, &c, at public resorts. If the chewing of gum and tobáceo were included, and entirely piohibited, the comfort of order lo ving people would be greatly promoted. The life of a two year okl colt, owned by the Valentine Bros.,ot Webster, was evidently saved by their promptly procuring the professional services of Dr. J. Brown, of Ann Arbor. Procrastination is a thief, but he can never steal from the Valentine Bros. On a morning, not long since, a Germán called at our house and asked if the doctor was at home, having mistaken the phrase "For Sale" for a doctor's sign. We gave him the information needed, and then ventured to ask the occasion for medical assistance. Here is his reply: "Lascht night says me to mine frau, Lishchpet I kess we ko vizicen over to brudder Hanses Veil, she says I kess we ko, so ] schpans de wagon pefore de hosses und iischpet shumps on pehint,unc I trove Schlowly over to bruddei Hanses. Veil, we schtay till pune py, und den I says to Lischpet kess we ko home. So she schumps behint akin, und I trove schlovvlv along by brudder Hanses pairn unc dare dat nigh hoss Culi, he schkaix und shump so as h - 1 und rund avaj und sets de wagon as de yankee says, pottom side townwards, unt schrrairls me und Lischpet so tokeddcr dat I rcally tout we nefft-r come apairt no more. Wil, 1 kets iip und sthood Lischpet up. Tow n she went. I sthood her up akin. Tovvn she went akin. Veil, says I Lischpet I kess you can sets up. So I sets her up und I feels her all around, und I find her hint limb broke ofFshnops, py cott."