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Saline elects village olficers next Monday. Whooping cough is raging at Stony Creek. Grass Lake yearneth for a good photographer. Norman G. Engle, of Milán, has been ranted a pension. Rev. T. W. MacLean has left Ypsilanti for Bay City. The Ypsilanti postoffice is to be re-papered and calcined. W. Robison has resigned his position on the Milan council. The senior normalites think of electing a lady class president. The fpsilanti Sentinel resumed its old size of four pages last week. Chelsea is entirely out of debt and Reserves to be congratulated thereon. Dogs have killed several sheep belonging to George Fuller, of Lynéón. Marshal Dexter, of Milan, has made four arrests during his term of office. The Ypsilanti normal museum has a fifty-one pound specimen of beaver. The McEntee and Beaman school district in Lyndon will have a new school house. Whitmore Lake is mentioned as a place where the state encampment tnay possibly be held. Hon, S. M. Cutcheon and wife, formerly of Ypsilanti, will spend next summer in Norway. Miss Lucinda Sansón, of Salem, recently broke her collar bone by falling. She is now recovering. Milan elects a president, clerk, treasurer, street com nissioner, assessor and four trustees next Mondav. Chelsea elects a president, clerk, three trustees, a treasurer and assessor next Monday. Votersmay register to-morrow. St. Patrick's day vvill be celebrated this year in Chelsea by an elegant supper at the town hall, orations, toasts, etc. Whitmore Lake complains of a want of houses. If the tariff on lumber is removed, the want can easily be remedied. T. VanAt'a, of Salem, has gone to the upper península to better his fortunes and leaves many friends who wish him well. The Jungfrau Verein is the name i the new society formed by the young ladies of the Bethïehem church in Freedom. Mrs. D. Heim, who has been a resident of Sylvan since 1843, died February 23, aged 67 years, of inflammation of the lungs. A blooded horse belonging to J. N. Bumpus, of "5tony Creek, was drowned recently. It was a full brother of Jay Eye See. The South Lyon gas well has been abandoned. It developed the fact however that South Lyon had all the mineial water it could use. The child of William Kennedy, who ran a pair of shears, with which it was playing into its neck, will recover, although it had a close cali. A Dundee farmer named S. G. Tripphagen was found at his horse's heels in the stable, dead from heart disease Wednesday evening of last week. Mrs. Mary A. Post, mother of expension agent Samuel Post, died in Ypsilanti last week, at the age of 85 years. She had resided in the county many years. There are 81 non-resident pupils in the Manchesier schools. The average attendance was over 96 per cent of the number enrolled, which reaches 399. The Milán Leader effects to believe that from 800 to 1000 voters were imported into this county at the last election. That's the wildest statement yet. Squire Griffen, of Ypsilanti, as the Argus noted last week, was married February The first anni versary oí his marriage will come 'm 1S92 and it will be a century before he can celébrate his silvei wedding. George Nordman, of Lima, is said by the Dexter Leader to have found a nineteen pound pickerel in Nordman's lake and to have safely brought him to land. The god people of Manchestei were recently alarmed by the breaking out of scarlet fever in that vil lage. That is not so severo a scourge however, as diptheria. v vStock bridge is to have a new Bap tist church to be located near the M E. church and will be 28x48 feet in size and 14 fect high, surmountec by a tower 12 feet square. The Ypsilantian came out with commendable promptness last week notw'thstanding their loss by fire The proprietors evidently have the right sort of push in them. The two year old child of Thos Marión, of Clinton has a broken arm from falling down stairs. The wonder is that more children do not meet with serious accidents. The Dundee Reporter has a beautiful cut representing the Dundee fire engine putting out the fire in that village last week. It is a boy, a pail of water and a garden sprinkler. Supervisor W. B. Osborn, of Sharon, recently sold 165 sheep weighing 20,120 pounds. They were shipped to Buffalo last week by Rehfuss & Burtless, of Manchester. The Grass Lake postoffice does a larger business than any other postoffice in Jackson county outside oi Jackson. That's because many Washtenaw people get their mail theie. The new Baptist church in Lyndon was dedicated last Sunday and it can no longer be said that Lyndon has not a church within its bounds. Rev. T. Robison preached the dedication seftnon. - Mrs. üeorge Martin, daughter oi Wm. Scadin, of VVebster, died February 2C)th. She was married less than a year ago. She was very prominent in Webster circles ant was highly estecmed by all who knew her. The twelfth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. William Burtless, of Manchester, was celebrated on Wednesday evening oi last week by a hundred friends, who took possession of the house and hac a merry time. A ten year oíd Dundee boy, Lee Wattling, while sliding on the ice last week was drawn under the ice in the river and was unconscious before he could be taken from the water. The next time he a sliding goes 'twill be upon a summer day. A little daughter ofMervin Poole, (colored,) of Augusta, was so terribly burned a couple of weeks ago, by her clothes catching fire from a stove, while her parents were absent attending the the funeral of a relative that she has since died from the injuries sustined. She was eleven years old. Valentine Bros. of Webster, report the following: March yth one of our Shrop-hire ewes gave birth to three ewe lambs which were strong and lively, the combined weight ot the three onchour after birth was 25 pounds, they were siied by the registered ram Robert No. 300I. Vol. 3. A. S. S. R. William S. Negus, who was bom in Dexter fifty-one years ago and who afterward resided in Chelsea, where a brother is now living, died January I3th in Helena, Montana, of erysipelas. He had been in the west lor twenty-two years engaged in running a stage line, a restaurant, farming, mining and stockgrowing. He was vvorth $75,000. Milan received $594 from liquor taxes last year which went into the general fund of the village. Out of this general fund $250 was paid for tile and $200 loaned to the highway fund . No taxation was needed to pay the general expenses of the village. The sum of $588.35 in the past year was raised for the highway fund in addition to the amount loaned from the general fund. There is now on hand in the various funds of the village $458.31. These figures are taken from ttie annual report of Dr. Pyle, the village president, made to the last meeting of the Milan council. One oí our citizens has long feit the want of a dog, but he wanted a good dog, and it seemed that his clesire was about to be granted, for last Thursday morning he secured a young shepherd and carried it home where it was duly inspected by the family and chnstened by the euphoneus name ot Grover Cleveland, and a barrel placed convenientlv near for a warm nest, into which he was helped at night. The family were going away to spend the evening and Grover was tossed into his barrel, and the family feit sure their earthly possessions were securelv guarded. The next morning the good housewife arose in the early dawn and went to the family pork barrel to prepare for the morning meal. The first piunge of the hook brought out Grover's limp and lifeless form. A few little O O's brought the master of the house, who saw he made a sad mistake and put Grover in the wrong place. But he is now willing to consign him to obscurity and let the March wind sidg a requiem over his early