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The Ypsilanti Sahitarium i's wel filled with uests. Manchester has a balance of $700 n the village treasury. The i'psilantian's loss by fire has been adjusted at $1.021 . Several Mooreville men are talking of moving northward. Professor Hooper is now in charge of the Salem public schools. In another week the present tern of the Milan schools closes. The Milan Leader, nows cuts am pasts, a decided improvement. S. J. Watts and family of South Lyon have removed to Detroit. R. C. üleen is building three additional cottages at North Lake. Mr. S. R. Wheeler has sold his residence in Dexter to Adam Deckert A literary department has been organized in the Manchester school Ten thousand brook trout have been planted in the brooksabout Saline. The Clinton base ball club is al ready organized and in the field for j888. Three Bridgewaterites took three car loads of sneep to Buffalo last week. Mrs. James Palmei of near South Lyon, fell and broke her hip last week. A fifty pound pig was roasted al the barbacue in Manchester last week. John Koch, the Manchester brewer, has harvested eight hundred tons of ice. The daily mail route between Ypsilanti and Rawsonville has been re-estabhshed. Twenty dollars a month are, the ruling wages in Cherry Hill during the coming summer. George Williams, of Clinton, is the inventor of a machine for hanging wall paper on ceilings. An ice boat on bilver JLake, belonging to James Watts, makes a mile in a minute and a half. There were fifhteen new members taken into the Baptist church in Dexter, Sunday beiore last. There are ninteen pianos owned in Milan and there's music in the air and plenty of Ayres about there. C. Fuller has resigned his position as teacher at Eaton Mills to accept a $1,400 position in Chicago. The residence of Samuel Rogéis, near Nora, was burned March 3rd. Loss $1,200 covered by insurance. Jerry Patton, of Ypsilanti, was burned out of house and home at three o'clock Wednesday morning. The village expenses of Grass Lake last years were $841.36, of which $269.06 was borrowed money. It is reported that some of the Manchester saloon keepers will go out of business on the first of May. The names of pupils tardv more than once during the month in the Chelsea high school are now published. Mrs. Ambrose Osbotne died at her home near the Child's school house in Augusta, Feb., aged 59 years. Hindelong Bros., of Chelsea, have sold their premium taking Hambletonian stallion to John Heselschwerdt. Miss Er.ima Dickerson has just closed her fifth term of school in the McMahon school disttict in Manchester. Stockbridge had a wrestling match last Sunday night, even if the result was not at once telegraphed all over the country. Oliver Loomis, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Maggie Werneken were married at the bride's home in Grand Rapids last week. There are forty-two more boys than girls n the Saline public schools. The total number of pupils belonging to the schools is 232. The village government of Clinton cost $1335.21 for the last fiscal year, of which $1008.65 was raised by general taxation. The Lake Shore depot at Clinton has been repainted, which draws Manchester's attention to the miserable depot furnished them. A Stockbridge lady was short of needies, bright idea struck her. She ripped one of her pen cushions apart and found in it just 246 needies. Mrs. W. W. Hess, nee Starr, died in Clinton, March o,th, of dropsy of the heart, aged forty-four years. 3he had been ill for nearly a year. At the leap year social at L. W. Briggs in Dexter to-night, a humaniphone is to be one of the attractions. He is said to have been recently invented. VanGieson Bros., of Bridgewater, have just sold the yearling ram and èAve which took the first premium at the state fair for exporation to Australia. Some one on robbery intent recently lured Albert Ketchinson from his home in Whittaker by the report that his father was sick, and then made a raid 011 the butter, corn &c, in the house. v A social will be held by the ladies of the Baptist church in Dexter next Wednesday evening. The ladies of the Methodist church held their social last Wednesday. A little childof Mort Hendershot, formerly of Manchester, pulled over a kettle of hot water one day last week, scalding itself so badly that it died within a few hours. Dundee will vote upon appropriating $3,000 for building a town house this spring-, which is little enough to vote for such a puipose in a town the size of Dundee. Either the editor of the Milán Leader is color blind or the verdure must have taken a premature start in Milán. He advises his readers to get out their lawn mowers. Mrs. Eliza T. McMahon, vife of Joseph McMahon, of Manchester, died of pneumonia on Wednesday, oflast week, aged 75 years. The funeral was held on Friday. Irving Corbett was struck last week by a slab, which he was sawing for Luther Bradley, which knocked him insensible and confined him to the house for some days. The editor of the Sentinel should take a course in the University, not that he needs any better education, but that he might learn that protective tariff nonesense is not taught here. Mrs. Rebecca Culter Pierce died at her home in Yysilanti township, March ist. She was seventy-one years old and had resided in the state forty-nineyears, thirty-nine of which were spent in Ypsilanti town. The citizens ticket was elected at the Manchester village election last Monday. James Conklin wa elected president; John S. Nestell, clerk; and the following trustees, N . Schmidt, T. J. Farrell and J. C. Gordanier. The younr ladies of the senior normal class elected all the class officers last week and not a young man was allowed to hold an office and t is safe to say the young men of the class do not longer believe in woman's suffiage. A communication in the Dexter Leader tells of a party of twenty Good Templare from this city to organize a Good Templáis lodge in Dexter and found only three men present to join it. Needless to say the lodge wasn't organized. Andrew McKinney, of Saline, has lost his tvvo largest turkeys in the last six months, one weighing thirty-six pounds was stolen and the other weighing forty-one and a half was killed by some designing parties. The big turkey was mounted. Mr. John Peebles, whose death was announced in last weeks Argus, settled in Salem in 1S33, and henee had been a resident of the county for fifty-five years. He had been supervisor for three years and justice of the peace for twenty-eight years. Fiank Kirchgessner, a Clinton saloonkeeper, was sued by Mrs. Maria Larheler for damages, occasioned by selling liquor to her husband, who, while drunk, feil out of a wagon and broke his neck. The jury last Saturday brought in a verdict of $4,000. O. E. Hawkins and Miss of Saline, spent Sunday in Milan, says the Milan Leader, Oh - ah - urn. Beg pardon, O. E. has a perfect right to spend Sunday with old friends in Milan and the fact that he is a bachelor shouidn't depiive him of that privilege. One of our Freedom correspondents decidedly objects to district Xo. 7 to that township receiving such liberal praise on the ground that a school which has half a dozen eachers a year cannot deserve it unil the children learn not to throw sticks and snowballs at passers by. Ypsilanti is a city of paradoxes. Ier King is a democrat; her Glover makes dress stays; her Taylor deals n hardware; her Batchelders are married men ; her par? ons follow seculiar pursuits. Her Batwell is not 1 ball player, her Champion is not a joaster, nor is her Samson an athlete. Tvvo or three weeks ago Henry "íeeb lost a valuable cow, and in searching for the cause he cut open he stomach, where he found two arge screws and three pieces ot nails; but as they were free from rust it is supposed that death resulted rom some other cause. - Dexter Leader. We are in receipt this week of a very readable article trom Reuben Fritz, of California, who resided in his county for twenty years, upon he local option question and replyng to some things written befbre he election, but as theelection settled this local optio" question so far as this county is concerned, Mr. Fritz's communication arrived too late for nsertion. Twocolored boys named Good win and Jones broke into Gallager's second hand store, Ypsilanti, onc night week and when they emerged they ïad a banjo, a pair of shoes, and several other articles which had taken heir fancy. They were bound over o the circuit court and taken to jail. One of the boys claimed that he hould be released because he was not yet 15 years old. But he is old enough to be sent to the reform chool or house of correction. Died in Bridgewater on Saturday, March 3rd, 18SS, of inflammation of the langs, Mr. Jacob Raab, aged 63 years as noted lat week. Of him the Enterprise says; Deceased was born in Maersfield, Bavaria, Germany, and came to this country with his parents in 1S49, and settled in Bridgewater, on the farm where he died. He leaves a wife, one son and two daughters, besides a large circle of friends. By hard work and shrewd management he accumulated considerable property. He was widely known throughout the county, having held different offices in the general fire insurance company. The funeral services were held on Wednesday, in Bethel church,in Freedom, of which church he was a strong member, having held an office for more than 30 years and being deacon at the time of his death.