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The New Dexter School House

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Some of our citizens visited Dexter, Saturday, and took a look at the new school house. They say it is a beautiful building and one of which the people of Dexter may well beproud. It is doubtf ui if there is a üner school building in the state, of its size. It contains six large school rooms with broad airy halls with large and convenient hat , and ".cloak closets connected with each school room. Tnese hat and cloak rooms are so arranged that they may be entered only through the school rooms, which will prevent the theft or loss of clothing which so often happens in our high school building where the hat and cloak rooms are entered only f rom the halls. The building is plied wittig the Smead-Ruttan heating and ventilating system whieh is a great success. Perfect veutilation issecured, The entire volumn of air ín each room is changed every five minutes, a result that can be secured by no other system. The basement of the building, high, light and airy, contains the three furnaces by which the building is warmed, and closets for boys, girls and teachers. The closets are so constructed witli brick walls and iron tops that the excreta can be bu'nt out without being removed. All the foul air of the rooms above passes over this matter iu the closet1!, rendering it as dry and odorless as Buffalo chips which are used as f uel on our western plains. This section of the Smead-Ruttan system, to say nothing of the perfect ventilation which is secured, is invaluable. The building occupies a fine location,overlooking the village and wheu the grounds, which have been graded at an expense of $500, are grassed over, the surroundine's will be as beautiful as the building itself . The committeo having the building in charge and superintending the work was Charles S. Gregory, B. B. Warner and R. F. Copelaud. The entire building including heating and Jventilating apparatus and closets cost the district about $13,000. The actual cost of the building was much more. The contractors sub-let the different parts of tlie building aud every sole contractor lost money excepl one. It is estimated that such a building could not be constructed for less than $18,C00. Cercainly the people of Dexter owe a debt of gratitude to the building committee as they have certainly got more thau their money's worth in this beautiful building.


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