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Business called-Miss Kate Conlon o Ann Arbor lately. C. W. Millertook a flying trip to Ann Arbor a few days ago. Miss Alvira Abbott has gone to Lalamazoo to visit relatives. Mr. Jacob Stoll, barber here, took trip to Chelsea recently to see his Viends. Miss Fannie Bell has returned to Dexter aíter a ten days sojourn in Detroit. Mrs. S. Newkirk has returned from Chelsea where she has been isiting her sick daughter. Misses Anna Dolan and Minnie oggs have returned from a week's isit to Detroit and Monroe. On the the evening of the 2ist. nst., Miss Luella Sill was married o Malcom D. Edgar, of Detroit. J.W. Bennett, of the Dexter house is off on a jouiney to his native town - Rome, Oneida county, New York. Mrs. P. Seper went to Wayne, on the 2ist inst., to paiticipate in the celebration of her mother's E'jth. birthday. A fortune awaits the man who makes the discovery of an element that will purify character as oxygen purifies the blood. It is said that the elevation of man is woman's sphere. This is true, but in many cases she needs a stump machine to help her. William Densmore, of Ypsilanti, with his two daughter, was here a few days, visiting his father-in-law, Mr. Garry Briggs and family. B. C Whitaker is now traveling agent for the McCormick Reaper Company,and commenced operations in that capacity on the icjth. inst. V. R. VValdron passed through here a few days ago in transit to Webster on a visit to his two daughters - Mrs. Cranson and Mrs. Vaughn. Many people go to church for the same purpose that the old Vermont deacon went to camp-meeting, viz: To study up some plan to cheat in a hoise trade or something else. Some agriculturist has said that a hog should weigh as many pounds as he is days old. Were that true, some men we encounter on passenger trains would each monopolize an entire coach. Mrs. P. Fitzsimmons, who has for a long time been an invalid, is now able to come out and take an' airing. She took a trip to Ann Arbor, lately, and was very much benefitted bjr the recreation. It not unfrequently occurs, that funerals are re-unions of the families of the deceased. At the burial of Mr. Thomas Presley, more of the relatives met than will be likely to ever get together again on any occasion whatever. The human family has one predominating element in its make up, and that is, sympathy for the worsted parties in all contests. We have never witnessed a man-fight, a dogfight, a horse-race, or a foot-race, but we pitied the weaker ones of the antagonists. A machine for making cigarettes has been invented that does the work ofthirtymen. This confines to one man the awful responsiblity of encouraging one of the greates of evils, and renders it possible foi twenty-nine thirtieths of that class of men to be forgiven for their sins The inventor never can be. Among all the convicts in the penetentiariesoftheUnitedStates,statistics show that not a lawyer can be found. This explains why lawyers never go to heaven, because, according to the teachings of the bible, al are punished according to the deeds done in (he body. Therefore, the wicked who escape in this word wil be punished in the next. Among the women of Savannah it was once the custom of aHopting South American monkeys for pets instead of poodles. Asimilar practice prevails extensively in Dexter as hardly any of our damsels are seen walking the streets without a goodsized monkey by her side. The only difference from the southern plan is, that the monkeys seen here are native-born. Miss Amelia Trantwein, a 14 year old daughter of Jacob Trantwein, is a remarkable young woman, and a fit model for women of any age. She is an adept at anything in the line of woman's work, from the washing of dishes to the finest of needlework and crocheting. And she cannot be excelled in re-seating cane bottom chairs. And the beauty of the matter is that the little lady is very modest and never boasts of her accompJishments. New York and other eastern cities have been tauglit a salutary lesson. It is fortúnate for all the places that sufFered by the recent blizzard, that each had a sufficient number of righteous men to save them, or they would have gone the way of Sodom and Gomorrah. They can now realize that the power that controls Wall street is infinitely weak in comparison to that which governs the Universe. Mr. Roscoe Conklin has now learned that there is a Being much above him. The social held at the residence of L. W. Briggs on the evening of the inst, under the auspices of the Methodist Alliance, was a grand success. Much ingenuity was manifest in the novelty and character of the exercises, and not the least interesting of them was the"Humaniphone"the performance with which was directed by Roy Copeland, who, by his address and oratory, conveyed vividly the impression of his being an apt student of the Uuiversity, and that he had some practice in that line, Jamong the curiosities in the "wonderland" at Detroit. The house was literally jammed and the net proceeds were forty-seven dollars.