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When Spring Comes

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XL ÍMlfe= This is the way a horse and a poor blanket look at the end of winter. Why is it that of two horse jlankets which look and feel equally well one won't wear at all, and the other wears well ? This 6A Trade Marie . shows 0f Horse Blankets whichare strong and have a reputation are always mitated in poor qualities which ook like them, but having fewer warp threads are not as strong. Some dealers buy these poor imitations for a few cents less and Dysaying theyare"just as good," sell them at the same price as the strong blankets to parties who do not know the difference. You cannot teil whether horse blankets are strong by the look or feel, as the warp threads do not show on the face. How then are you to know? Inorderthat youcantellastrong blanket from a weakone.thc manufacturcr of 5A Horse Blankets sews the above SA Trade Mark inside of each blanket. This is a guarantee that it is the stronest blanket made for the money and will wear well. Many poor imitations have been sold as 5A blankets. Remember none are genuine unless the SA Trade Mark is sewed inside.


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