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Register next Wednesday. The democratie club organizes next Thursday eveniner, The Sorg painting company will soon open up at Albert Sorg's old stand. A choir is being trained for the Easter services at the Catholic church. Bishop Harris will hold confirmation services in St. Andrews church, May 13th. The Knights of the Maccabees have rented the hall over A . D. Seyler's shoe store. Thfi Baptist church chorus now has thirty members, among whom are eight tenors. The high school junior exhibition will be held m high school hall this evening. The Womans Home Missionary Society holds its annual meeting in tlns city in May. Another patent has been issued to Mr. A. J. Sutherland of this city for a fire ladder. The prohibitionists of the city met at firemans hall last night to nomínate a city ticket. Try an advertisement in the want or for sale column. It only costs 25 cents for three weeks. Mrs. Mary Willis, wife of Caleb Willis, of the fourth ward, died Sunday, aged 79 years. A. Brahm, of Washington street, has two Icalian peach trees in blossom. They are indoors. The Northfield democratie caucus will be held next Monday at one o'clock at Walsh's corners. The new Sous of Veteran camp in this city is known as the '-H. S. Dean camp, 8. V. No. 90." Naotni, daughter of. S, HUI, of the sixth ward, died of typhoid pneumonia Monday, aged nme years. Mr. Schmid, of Mack,& Schmid, is in New York selecting spring goods some of which are arrivinff daily. Some thirty of our musicians are said to be practicing a cantatta, which may be given at some future date. Have your tickets and slips printed at the Argus office. Every candidate should provide plenty of slips. John Breton, of the third ward, died of dropsy last Sunday. The funeral services were held on Tuesday. George E. South wiek, formerly of this city, died of consumption in Detroit, on Thursday of last week. Mr. Bent, of Northüeld, had an arm so badly torn by a buzz saw, last Monday, that it had to be amputated. The republican ward caucuses will be held next Wednesday evening and the city convention Thursday evening. The democratie caucus in Pittsfield township will be held at the town house at two o'clock next Friday evening. Pensions have been granted Simon Myers, of this city, and A. E. Phillips, of Dexter through Matthew's agency . Capt. MUIard, First Lieutenant King, and Second Lieutenant Merrithew have received their commissions from headquarters. If you are not already registered in the ward in which you live, be sure to register Wednesday in time to vote for city officers. Next Sunday's services in the Baptist church will close the seventeenth year of Rev. Dr. Haskell's labors here and also nis pastorate. John Dowdigan has been promoted to the position of book-keeper in the First National Bank and Will Finnegan has been appointed collection clerk. We notice Orla B. Taylor's name among the names of those attorneys who have recently commenced chancery suits in Livingstone county. The crazy tea at the Baptist church parlors last Friday evening was a decided success and was greatly eDjoyed by all those lucky enough to be present. It looks as if the friends of E. P. Mason in the fifth ward and of V. J. Miller ia the Fourth ward, might return those gentlemen to the next council. E. R.J Forsyth, an Ypsilanti grocer, committed suicide last Sunday, by hanging himself while temporarily deranged. It was his second attempt at suicide. Let every democrat attend the ward caucuses on Thursday evening next at seven o'clock, prompt, and take pride in putting up the best ticket ever placed in nominaUon in Ann Arbor. Fred Schulz has accepted a position with John F. Feby & Co., of Detroit, in their job rooms. Fred is a good printer and there is no boubt of nis giving satisfaction in his new position. A very pleasant surprise party was held at the residence of Wm. Krapf, on Detroit street, last Friday evening, Maren 16, at which a large number of friends enjoyed themselves until a late hour. Mrs. M. Ragan, of Ann Arbor township, died of old age last Sunday, at the advanced age of 83 years and 8 months. The funeral services were held Tuesday morning from the Northüeld church. A telegram to the Detroit papers from Farwell, States that John Fowler, whose parents reside in this city, was fatally injured by a tree falling upon him. He died Saturday evening. He was thirty years of age. J. T.Jacobs &Co., in another column, teil about their good luck m not having unpacked their new goods at the time the water pipe recently burst in their store. 'These they now have unpacked and are offering great bargains. Eddie, the little son of John Manning, of North Main street died last Thursday, March 15, of neuralgia of ;he heart, aged 10 years, 10 months and ló days. He had been suffering from acute tonsilitis, which was .followed by ;he neuralgia. V. T. Norgate, of Pittsfield, bas leased his farm for three years to Paul Carr and will sell his farm implements, 17 horses, seven colts, five cows a immber of calves, pigs, etc, at auction Thursday, April 5. Fred Krause is to be the salesman. Hon. Warren Chase, of Boston Mass., will hold a parlor conversation on the subject of Spiritualism, on next Saturday evening, March 24th., in the parlors of Mr. and Mrs. Eli. W. Moore, No. 3 Pontiac street, fifth ward, to which all are cordially invited. Catherine, the little daughter of Mrs. McMahon, who resides in the Hamilton block, died Wednesday from the effects of diptheria, from which she was jelieved to be recovering. This is the third death from this cause in Mrs. McMahon's family this year. Among the names mentioned for Mayor is that of Hon. Clws. H. Richmond, who, if he can be induced to accept, would make a most excellent business mayor, a good presiding ollicer, a conservator of good oider and an exceedingly creditable city officer. John McDermott, of Northfield, died in this city, Monday,of asthma, aged sixty-four years. He formerly resided in Rochester, N. Y., and carne; here some time since to look after some land he had ir Northfield. The funeral was held Wednesday at St. Thomas' church. The state dental association has been in se8sion here this week. A big fight was made against Dr. C. H. Laud, of Detroit, who has been advertising his special discoveries. After a long debate his name was dropped from the rolls of the society, an action which will not hurt him any. George A. Stockton, passenger agent Penn. Ry. Co., R. C. Cline, passenger agent W. &L. E. Ry., J. D. Bastable, passenger agent C.H. &D Ry. Co., and V. W. Betts passenger agent TA. A. & N. M. Ry. Co., all of Toledo, Ohio, made frieudly calis on A. J. Paisley during the weeK. Messrs. Olds & Bacon have recently sold 10 Frank Butler, of Milan, the thoroughbred Holstein Friesian buil calf "Chautauqua Girls Grandson" sired by the noted buil Chautauqua GirlsPrince" the only son of the grand old cow 'Chautauqua Girl" with a milk record of 2400 pounds in thirfcy days. William Hayden was tried before Justice Frueauff last Friday on charge of having assaulted and battered Rudolph Graf on February 27th. He plead not guilty. Upon the jury.finding him guilty, and the justice fining him $1 and $12.64, he appealed the case and gave bouds to appear at the next term. Thomas Lennon has an auction sale on his premises, one and a half miles south of YVhitmore Lake, on the Ann Arbor road on Tuesday, March 27th, at which will be sold two horses, three cows, three heifers, two buggies, lumber wagon, plows,cultivators and many other farming utinsils. Ilenry Pinkney, auctioneer. Joel W. Hamilton and Miss Anme E. Herdman were married last evening at the home of the bride in Zanesville, Ohio. The bride is a sister of Dr. J. W. Herdman and has many friends in this city. The groom, who recently returned from his ranch in New Mexico, also has many friends here who will wish him much happiness. Samuel Fay sells three good work horses, three colts, one a three year old, six head of cattle, teD sheep sixty chickens, a buggy, wagon, binder, a number of farming implements, oats, corn, wood, &c, at auction Wednesday, April 4th, on his farm on the town line between Lodi and Scio a mile south and two miles west of the city. Fred Krause, auctioneer. The Mills Bros. have made a change in their mode of delivering milk which is greatly appreciated by their patron3. Instead of serving the milk in the old way, sitting in the wagon and ringing a bell at the doors of their customers tvhile some woman waded out through the snow or mud to the milk wagon or by filling a pail suspended from a tree or hitching post and leaving the milk to be drunk by some mischievous boys or to freeze until some one can rescue it, they now deliver it in the houses in clean glass pint or quart bottles, which are airtight. Steffey & Serviss, the two experienced young men who have taken the Steam Laundry in the Wilsey block on south Fourth street have entirely remodeled the laundry and put in considerabe new machinery. ïbey will open the laundry on Monday, March 26, at which time they will be ready for business. They hope to do such work as will give the people of Ann Arbor no excuse for not patronizing home industries. Their terms will be strictly cash and will cali for and deliver work. They have all the new machinery necessary to do the best of laundry work and their experience in the business has taught them how to do it. Give them a trial at your shirts and coüars.