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Professor Clark's Lectures

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There are many in our community, in whom the memory is still fresh of the lectures delivered by Professor Clark in Hobart Hall in the month of November and December last. To the power of the argument was added the charm of perfect candor, of simphcity, and of a very genial presence. The total impression produced by the speaker was at once powerful and delightful. Many, who listened to the lectures, will be eager to revive the impression by reading them ia the volume in which they now appear in print, entitled "Witnesses to Christ," being the second series of lectures delivered on the "Baldwin Foundation." Others who were not fortúnate enough to hare heard them, can now make good their temporary loss. The volume is wholly to be commended to all who are capable of taking an interest in questions of the greatest practical importance. The subiects of the lectures in detail are as follows: "Phases and Failures of Unbelief ;" "Civilization and Christianity ;" "Personal Culture and Religión:" "The ünity of Christian Doctrine;" "The Insufficiency of Materialism;" "The Pessimism of the Age;" "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ; part I. Exatnination of the Evidence for the Resurrection; part II. Examination of Theories Invented to set aside the Evidence for the Resurrection." For sale by the booksellers. Price $1.50.


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