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Washington City, March 15.- Petitions were presented in the senate Wednesday : f rom citizens of Iroquois county, Uliriois, asking anti-trust legislation, to restrict immigration, and to prohibit the sale of adulterated food; protesting against the employment of convict labor; for an inereased duty on wool, and for the continued taxation of whisky and tobáceo. Brown of 'Georgia made a long speech advocating the abolishment of the internal revenue taxes and the retention of the present tarift on imports. The undervaluation bil] was then taken up, but af ter considerable discussion it went over without action. The bil] to regúlate the telegraph was referred to the inter-state comraeree committee, and after an eiecutive session the senate adjourned. Carüsle was present in the chair when the house met, and was beartüy applauded. The senate bill reducing the fee for passports to Jl was passed. A bill referring tothe court of claims the claim of Emanuel Jones, a British subject, for the loss of some cotton at Mobile, Ala. , during the war was taken up. A motion to lay on the table was made, and pending a vote the house adjourned. Washington City, Mareh 16. - An investigation was ordered by the senate Thursday into the claim of certain pension agents that they can control pension legislation. A resolution was introduced calling on the president for the journal of the fisheries conference. Teller made a speech od the tariff , declaring the president's message a f ree trade document, and not a plea for tariff revisión. The undervaluation hül was considered and laid aside, after which resolutions of sorrow at the death of Representative Seth C. Moffat, of Michigan, were adopted, eulogies pronounced by Pahner, Paddoek and Stockbridge, and the senate, as a further mark of respect, adjourned. In the house Thomas of Wisconsin and Allen of Mississippi denounced a newspaper report that a New York bucket shop man had an option on themselves and Weaver and Anderson of lowa and Shively of diana. White introduced a resolution ealling on the postmaster general to give his authority for issuing the order relating to packages shipped from this country to Canada and thence sent back here in the mails. The urgent deficiency bill was then taken up and the clause instructing the public printer to rigidly enforce the eight-hour law- stricken out by the senate - insisted upon, after which the house adjourned. Washington City, March 17. - A bill authorizing the president to appoint John C. Fremont a major general on the retired list was introdced in the senate Friday. Bills were introuduced also to provide a method of settling railway labor difficulties ; to admit Utah to statehood. The resolution calling for the journal of the fisheries commissiqn was adopted and the undervaluation biU was resumed and after a short consideration passed. Plumb offered a resolution which went over requesting the inter-state commission to investígate the C.,B. & Q. railway in relation to the late strike on that road. The senate then adjourned until Monday. Petitions were presented in the house for the passage of the service and per diem pension bilis. A bill was reportad reducing the postage on seeds, plants, bulbs and scions to 1 cent for each two ounces. The urgent deficiency bill was considered in eommittee of the whole, and an araendment adopted appropriating 927,000 to reünburse Texas for expenses of suppressing Indian hostilities, etc. The senate amendments were concurred in or rejected as the eommittee on appropriations recommended, and the bill was reported to the house, where it was passed, and private bilis consumed the remainder of the day until recess. After recess a night session was held. Washington City, March 19. - Although the house put in the time until past 10 p. m. Friday on private pension bilis, there were two left over for Saturday morning, and they were taken up at that time and passed. They increase the pensions of the widows of Rear Admiráis Welles and Wyman to $50 per month. Bill were reported : (f avorably) to in crease pensions in cases of loss of both arms; for public buildings at Jackson and Saginaw, Mich. ; to grant pensions to survivors of Indian wars between 1833 and 1843; (adversely) to emancípate District women ; to abolish the green 2-cent stamp and return to the terracotta one. O'Neil called up the resolution setting aside March 30 and 21, April 18, and May lö for consideration of labor bilis, and after some debate it was adopted- 207 to 21. Rogers of Arkansas moved to reconsider, but the motion went over. The bill to secure to actual settlers the public agrieultural lands was taken up and a number of amendments filed and the bill read. It then went over. Taulbee wanted to offer a resolution for an investigation of civil service reform and what benefit it had been, but Grosvenor objected, and the house adjourned. Washington City, March 20.- A bill for a public building at Youngstown, O., was reported to the senate Monday, and then a number of private and pension bilis on the calendar were disposed of by passage. An international copyright bül was reported, aswas a bill by Blair providing that when ex-rebels are appointed to the civil service preference shall be given to honorably discharged soldiers whoare wounded, orotherwisesufferingfirm the resxüt of service in the rebel army. Platt objected to this latter bill, and it went over. Teller introduced a bill to admit Wyoming into the union. The senate held an executive session. at the conclusión of which it adjourned. The house passed a bül for the issue of silver certificates of the denominations of 35, 15, and 10 cents. A bill was introduced to establish a sugar experimental factory at Terre Haute, Ind. Anderson of Iowa introdueed a resolution for an investigation of railway strikes, and charging that the engineers now mployed on the C, B. & Q. are incompetent. Taulbee introduced a resolution for an inquiry iflto the benefits of civil service reform. The eommittee on printing was directed to ascertain what was delaying the printing of the dependnt pension bilL The bill was passed discontinuing the coinage of tl and i3 gold pieces. The house then adjourned. Washington City, March 21.- Blair's resolution to give Confedérate veterans the preference in office as against other ex-rebels was debated in the senate Tuesday with great ammatioti, but went over without action. A letter from ex-postoffice employés of Philadelphia was presented, asking an investigation into the administration of Postmaster Harrity, of that city. A bill was reported authorizing the treasury to purchase United States bonds with the surplus. A bill was Passed for the relief of the Perinés and the McKays, who built iron-clads for the government during the war, and after a short exeo utive sessiou the senate adjourned. The house adopted the resolution setting part four days to consider labor bilis, and iMesday being the first of them that class oí legislation was considerad. O'Neü introdtjced a bilí providing that prison-made articles must be sold in the state where produced, and he reported bilis to establish a department of labor, and to prohibit the purchased by the government of convietanade goods. Tarsney üitroduced a bilí prohibiting the employment of convict or alien labor on public works The house then considered bilis extending the eight-hour law to letter carriers, and referring claims of government employés for extra compensation for working longer than eight hours per day to the court of claims. No action was taken. Bills for public buildings at Sterling, Hls. ; Burlington, Ia. ; and Richmbnd, Ind. , were reported, and the house adjourned.


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