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A Strike Soon Ended

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Topeka, Kan., March 19. - Chairman Conroe, of the grievance committee, ordered the strike off at 4:28 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Conroe is denounced on all sides. The men - say they will t'ollow Ai-thur hereafter instead of Coiiroe. The first train to start was at Kilver City, N. M. All the men in the Topeka yards have reported for duty. No new men have been employed, and the old men, without exception, will take their usual places. Traffic Manager White says that all the lines trom the Missouri river to the Pacific coast will be in usual condition for business without delay. There is no blockade anywhere, and all trains are in shape to move at once. Chicago, March 21. - The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy firemen and engineers' strike has settled down to a long, dreary siege. The railroad has a good proportion of the men it requires, and is doing a good deal of business. Little by little it is getting more men and recovering what ground remains to be recovered. lts passenger service is almost restored to the same condition that it was in before the strike. General Passenger Agent Morton says that the only trains which are not yet running, the Omaha and Denver express trains, Nos. 1 and 15, wil] be put on again next Monday. The strikers claim that the company is not doing over one half its business and that many of the new men are leaving it, they are all on the pay-roll of the brotherhood of engineers and firemen at the ful) amounts they used to draw while a work, and as there is fully $500,000 in the treasury of the engineers and a corresponding amount in that of the firemen, there is no danger of any one suffering.


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