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Annual Report Of The Industrial School

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We have jnst entered upon another year of woik, and we wonder if our friends are sufficiently interested in us to be willing to assist us the coming year so ere can go on with a work whieh we feel deserves liberal patronage. The past year, üie nuinber in our sewing school has been steadily inereasing. We have seven regular teachers beside several who come in occasionally to assist us. Mrs. Mahan and Mrs. Tozer, superintenr1 the cutting and fitting. Miss Annie Wilsey and Miss Seyler have charge of a large class of little girls from flve to ten who arejust beginning to learn to sew. We promote them as fast as they are able to go in the advanced classes. We teach the other gids to cut and baste as well as sew. The past year we have sent out over seventy garments. The last half hour is epent in singing. Miss M ahan has charge of thi3 Department. We havereceived the following donations during the year. The Mission School of the Presbyterian church ten dollars, the L. C. U. ten dollars for work done and f rom friends twenty-five dollars. The ladies who have aided us with money are Madames Ashley, Foster, Langley, Royer, Rogers, Tripp, Walker. Miss Sherman and Dr. Garrigues. The largest donation trom one individual was from Mrs. Royer flve dollars. We have receivecl material for garments from Mrs. Hurd, Mrs. Dr. Prescott, Mrs. Steele, Mis. W. D. Miller, Mrs. Story, Mrs. N. W. Cheever, Miss Trueblood and Mr. Schairer. The merchants have made liberal discounts on goods. We have received a douation of a different kind which we wish our friends would take special notice of and go and do likewise. Fred Crane seiït us back numbers of the Youths Companion for 1887. We would like to distribute papers, magazines, or leaflets to the children every week but our means are limited and we would like our friends to assist us in any way they chose, only not forget us. We meet every saturday over Cropsey's store and desire our friends to visits us feeling conödent that after seeing our work you will aid us. Our offlcersare M. 8. lirown. Superintendent, Mrs. Doig, assistant; Miss A. Henning,secretary, Miss Annie Wilsey, treasurer. Contributions canbegiven to any of these ladies.


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