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Of Humble Origin

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The Democratie party can ask nothing better than a general adoption by Republicans of the tactics in favor with Ingalls, Dolliver, Foraker, and other orators of the opposition. When these men, sneer at the humble origin of Grover Cleveland they cast reproach upon the chiefglory of American citizenship. Had his beginnings been much more obscure than they vvere there would have been nothing in the fact on which to base the contemptuous flings now so popular in soane circles. The American roll of honor is a long one, but it contains the names of few men who at birth were not poor and apparently not in the line of fame or greatness. As a matter of fact, ho wever, Grover Cleveland was respectably born. He was reared in an honest, ïndustrious, and intelligent American family. He carne on to manhood as hundreds of thousands of Americans have done, and went about his life work decently and quietly. When called to public place he discharged his dutie6 with fidelity, and nothing in his caicer is more creditable to himself and to the American system than the fact that his promotion was so rapid as to excite the wrath of lifelong postulant for place and pelf. Grover Cleveland has never been investigated by Congress. John James Ingalls cannot say as much. - Chicago Herald.


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