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Whooping cough has made its appearance in our city. C. Büss & Son have just expressed goods ordered from New Mexico. Miss Bower, of New Hudson, was the guest of Mis. C. C. Warner last week. April first falls on Sunday this year and the small boy will miss some of nis usual fun. The annual meeting of the Ladies' Library Association will be held Monday, April 9th. D. Cramer has traded his Lansing property for a farm immediately adjoining the Corporation, of Fenton. President Angell lectured before the Y. M. C. A., of Detroit Wednesday evening, taking as his subject "A Peek at Peekin." Miss Mary Jacobus, of this city, was married in Toledo on Wednesday.'of last week to Peter Manz of that city, where they will reside. Supervisor O'Hearn seems to be as sure of elecuon as man weil can be and this is as it should be for he is a first class supervisor. The Toledo & Ann Arbor sell round trip tickets for one fare to all points on their lines on Saturdays good returning on the following Monday. John Miller was convicted before Justice Pond last Friday of being drunk the day previous, He was fined $4.50 costs or in default thereof ten day 9 in jail. O. D. Royal, left for Bartow, PolK County, Florida, Tuesdáy evening. He will look after the interest of H. C. Clark, who expects to return about the last of April. Frank Campion has received an offer from the Jackson base ball club, a member of the Tri-state league, to play short stop this season at a salary of $75 per month. The Easter services in St. Andrew's church next Sunday will be at the following hours; Morning Prayer and Ad(hess, 6 a. in., Holy Communion and Sermón, 10:30 a. m., Childrens' service 4p. m. The demócrata of the fifth and sixth wards will probably renominate Supervisor Butts this evening. Mr. Butts has made a most efficiënt supervisor and is a very valuable man to keep on the board . Mrs. Arabella Westfall, formerly a resident of Lima, died Monday of general debility attendant on oíd age. She was 82 years ten mouths and 20 days oíd and was the mother of Mrs. Ageüne Westfall of North División street. ïlie funeral services were held Wednesday morning, the interment being at Dexter. Miss Nellie A. Monroe, daughter of G. M. Monroe, of the third ward, died last Sunday of quick consumption. She had passed her nineteenth birthday only a month before her death. ïhe funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon. Johnnie A. Smith, sou of John Smith, of Salem, died last Saturday of inflammatory rheumatism at the early age of eight years, seven months and three days. The funeral services were held on Tuesday from Peebles church. If you have anything to sell, wish to buy anything, want a girl, want a situation or want anything else, you can advertise in our want column f ree of charge to the extent of twenty-one words, for three weeks if you hand in the advertisement before our next issue. Aft6r that date we shall charge for advertising in the want column. The monthly meeting o. the pomological society will be held April 7th at two p. m. in the Agricultural room at the court house. The topics will be the reDorts of committies, fruit exchange, new varieties of peaches, peach prospects in Washtenaw, and question box. An exhibition of fruit, preservers and flowers will be made. The Chicago Herald in descnbing the Woman's Congress in Washington says: "Louise Reed Stowell, of the Michigan State University, followed with a paper on "Retrospection." Mrs. Stowell is a pleasant faced woman with a smooth delibérate voice. Her gown of black atin had trimmings of Nile green silk. On the waist was a cluster of white oses. Mrs. Stowell, like several of the delegates, wore her bonnet." Rev. Dr. Haskell in his farewell sermon at the Baptist church last Sunday referred to the establishment of the Baptist church in this city m 1828 and .raced its progress. During his seveneen years' pastorate it had built and paicl for a $30,000 church and in the ame time had raised $68,000 for different purposes. Dr. Haskell had spent orty-one years in the ministry in Deroit, Kalamazoo and this city. The republicana of Ann Arbor town renominated F. B. Braun for supervisor by a vote of 17 to 12. The balance of ,he ticket is John T. Fuller, clerk; Tohn Keppler, treasurer; O. M. Osgood, ustice; A. G. DeForest, highway commissioner; VV. J. Whitlark, school in. spector; John Baessler, dram commissioner, and as constables B. F. Bradley Jr., B. Bluett, F. Stabler and F. licks. The Starr OperabCouapany.'whieh commences a weeks engagement here next iionday evening, is the same one that a couple of years ago gave a free enter.ainment to the convicts of Jackson State prison, and had on that occasion a very laige and very appreciative audience. It has been enjoying crowded houses at the stands it bas been making this season in Michigan. It plays for a veek in White's theatre n Detroit early in May. The demoerats of Ann Arbor township having put the following ticket in the fleld should now work for its election. Supervisor. Walter S. Bilbie; Town Clerk, Charles T. Parshall; Treasurer, Charles F. Stabler; J ustice of the Peace, George Warren; Highway Commissioner, Thomas G. Burlingame; Drain Commissioner, Andrew C. Mead; Constables, Albert West, James Steffee, Frank Hagen and William Hayden, Jr. The town committee for the ensumg year is J. J. Parshall, Thomas G. Burlingame and Andrew Smith. There will be a special Easter service at the Unitarian church next Sunday morning. The church will be decorated with flowers and there will be extra music together with recitations and addresses, and commemoration of those in the congiegation and Sunday school who have died during the past year. Also a number of persons are to be received into the church. In the evening Mrs. Sunderland will give the eleventh of her lectures on the Books of the Bible. Subject: "The Apoehryphal Books." Presented with a Floral Elk Head. The Starr Opera Company while playing in East Saginaw a couple of evenings ago had what was called an Elk's night. The East Saginaw Herald says: At the conclusión of the 'Gaspard" scène in the"Chimes of ííormnndy" the curlain was rung up amid the most enthusiastic applause, which was called forth by the ün acting of Mr. Deshon, Rev. Rowland Connor, a member ot the Elks, stepped upon the stage from one of the boxes and addiessing Mr. Deshou said that he was delegated by the East Saginaw Lodge of Elks, to which he belonged, to present him with a token of their esteem u the form ol a button-hole bouquet. which he produced. The boquet referreü to was a magmöeent floral elk head over twt feet high, and' which was constructed in the shape of a button hole bouquet. The head of the elk was made of caruations, with roses for the eyes, large green leaves for the ears and heliotrope for the mouth and nose. The massive antlers were coveied with smilax, ani altogether it was a magnilicent piece of floral work, and was designed by Her man Deckman,the Washingtou avenue florist. Accompanying the elk hear was an elegant bouquet, and hanging were cards on which was written: "To Frank Deshon," and on the other "From the East Saginaw Lodge o Elks."