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The Farmers' Debts

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Out of 20 townships in this eounty, statistics have been eompiled tor the State labor bureau from ten, by the supervisors of those towns, showing the farms, mortgaged and unincumbered within the townships. These ten towns have 590 mortgaged farms, the mortgages amounting to $1,232,331 and the annual interest charges to $7S," 658.78. The ten townships from which reports have been collected by State labor commissioner Ileath are Ann Arbor, Bridgewater, Freedom, Lima, Lyndop, Northfield, Saline, Superior, Sylvan and Ypsilanti and we are indebted to the commissioner of labor for an early copy of bis report from which we have culled the statistics given below. In the ten townships reporting are 1,346 farms, of which 756 are unincumbered and 590 are mortgaged. Of these farms, 117 were woiked by ten" ants. By a little figuring we discover that the'average uniucumbered farm in Washtenaw comprises 128ü acres and is assessed at f5,079, while the average mortgaged farm comprises 114J is assessed at 84,356 and is mortgaged for $2,097. The average rate of interest paid is six and three-tenths. In the ten towns there are 705 farm laborers employed, whose wages average $16.69 per month. The labor commissioner estimates the mortgage indebtedness of the whole county at $4,852,959.16, on which the annual interest charges would be $305,736.42. The largest farm reported had between G00 and 1 ,000 acres; 37 farms had between 300 and 600 acres; 91 betvveen 200 and 300; 585 between 100 and 200 and 632 liad 100 acres and under. The nativity of the farmers in tne townships reported was America, 961; Germany, 318; England, 91; Ireland, 64í Canada, 21; Scotlaud, 5; Switzerland, 1; France, 6: Russia, 2; Sweden, 1; New Zealand, 1; Austria, 1; Wales, 1. The total number of farmers of foreign birth was öl3, of these 94 had money on coming to this country and 419 nothiug. The 94 brought $61,007. The foreign born farmers are assessed at $2,230,465 and have a mortgage iudebtedness of $415,206: the American farmers have an indebtedness of $817,125 and an assessed valuation of $5,248,510. lhe lollowmg are the statistics by townships: ANN AEBOE TOVTN8HIP. Ann Arbor township, accordiug to the report has 106 -farms, 98 of which are occupied by their owners and eight by teñan ts. The assessed valué of the farms is $534,250. There are flfty-two farms of 4,590 acres of improved land and 149 of unimproved free from mortgage. These 52 farms are valued at $318,600. There are 54 farms mortgaged. These contain 3,754 acres of improved land and l;014 of unimproved. Tliey are mortgaged for $104.750 and assessed at $215.050. The annual interest paid amounts to 6,604, and the average rate ot interest was $6.3 per cent. The number of farm laboréis employed on the 106 farms is 88, the averaee monthly vvages$17.l8. feeventyone of the 106 farmers are of American birth. Their farms are assessed at 399.350 and mortgaged for $73,010, eventeen are of Germán birtli. Nine f these came here without money and ight brought $7,707. The seventeen wn and assessed at $62,500 and owe. mortgages amounting to $21,150. Ten re of English birth. T,vo of these brought $57 with them. The ten now wn $39,000 worth of land mortgaged or 57,190. Seven were born in Ireland, nly one of whom brought money to his country, and he only $500. Their arms are worth 26,000 mortgaged for !3,4O0. One was born at sea and his arm is assessed at $7,400 without iuumbrance. BRIDGEWATJ5K. ' This town has 131 farms and only eight ten-.ut farmers. The assessed val ue of the farms is $642,010. There are 79 farms not mortgaged assessed at $396,830 and 52 mortgaged for $100,350, assessed ac $245.180. The interest paid annually amounts to $6,799. Seventyone farm laborers are employed at an average of $15.55 per month. Eightytwo Bridgewater farmers were born in this country, who own farms assessed at 5416,460 on which they owe $61,550. The Germán born number 39 having farms woith 3186,530 mortgaged for $31,700. Six of these brought $3,050 with them wheu they cams from Germany. Three were born in Ireland and now have farms worth $16,550, mortgaged for Sl,400. Three born in England own farms worth $6,700, f ree of ïneunibrances. Two born in Kussia have farms worth $8,570 morlgaged for y4,500. One born in Svveden owes $1,200 on ;i $l,9O0 farm and one Canadian has a $5,000 farm free of incumbrance. FKEEDOM. There are 170 farms in Freedom. assessed at $730,035. Seventy-seven ot these farms are unincutnbered, worth $847,870; 93 assessed at $382,165 are mortgaged for $200,026, on which an nnual interest charge of $12,570,56 is aid. The farm laborers number 92. he majority of the mortgage indebtdness in Freedom is due from those of American birth, the 68 Americana owing 8101,000 on land assessed at $280,670. Tliere are tvvo Frenchmen who owe $200 on land worth S8,026, and one Irishtnan who owijs $1000 on a $2,720 farm. The 104 farmers boni in Germany own land worth $438,620 on which they owe mortgages atnounting to $97,226. Thirty-three of the 104, brought money with them when ttiey came co this country amounting to $22,020. LIMA. Lima has U2 farms assessed at $851,650. Eigthy-seven areclearof indebtedness and are worth $530,650. Fifty-üve are mortgaged for S153,325 on a valuation of $321,000. The annual interest paid is $9,336.50. The number of farm laboréis is 100 and the average monthly wages S17.63. Of the farmers 99 are Americans, 36 bom in Geimany, 2 in Canada, 4 in England and one in Switzerland. The Americans owe $90,275 on $618.830 worth of property, the Germans $49,450 on $193,620 worth of property, the Canadians $10,000 on $16,350 worth of property, the Englishmen $1500, on $22,000 worth of property, while according to the report the Swiss has accomplished the feat of inorteraing a farm as.sessed at $650 for $2,100. LYNDON. There are 112 farms in this town as sessed at 428.070. Sixty-five farms valued at $282,120 are not mortgaged, while 47 valued at $145,950 are mortgaged for $72,350 on whlch S4.767.50 interest is annually paid. Eighteen farm laborers are employed, tlie wages averaging 15.99. The 79 American bom farmers have $309,020 in farms mortgaged for $44,050, the 13 Irish bom have $03,300 in farms mortgaged for $17,900. The 11 Euglish born owe$S,100 in farms worth $34,150. The one Scotchman has a SI, 500 farm and the one Canadian one assessed at $1,200, moitgaged for 300 Avhile the seven Germans owe $2,000 on farms assessed at $18,9UO. Four of those born in England brought S6.500 with them when they came to this country . NORTHFIELP. The 109 farms in this township are assessed at $534,600. Of these 44 worth S244,400 are unincutnberedand 65 worth $290,200 are mortgaged' for $148,275 on which $9,695.25 interest is annually paid. Forty-two farm laborers are employed at wage3 averging $15.56 per month. The nativity of tne farmers is as follows: Americans 71, Germans 20, Insumen 12, Enirlishmeu 5 aud Cam,dian 1. The Americaus owe $103,825 ou farms assessed at $364,900, the Germans 21,800 on $90,200 faims, the Irishmeu $15,250 on farms assessed at 51,200, the Englishmen $3,400 on farms assessed at S22.800 and the Canadian 4,000 on a $5,500 farm. SALiXH. This town has 90 farms assessed at $455,120; 03 worth 317,820 are unincumbered, and 27 worth $107,300 are mortgaged for $47,415 paying an interest charge of 3,007.30 of the 90 farmers, 69 are of American birth whose farms assessed at 325,320 are mortgaged for 35,215, 20 of Germán birth, who owe 11,200 on land assessed at 125,400, and one of English birth who owes 1,000 ou a farm worth $4,400. None of tliose of foreign birth brought any mouey with them to this country. Tliese farms employ 28 laborers at an average salary of 16.07 per montii. SUPERIOR. This town has 194 farms assessed at $957,970; of these 108 farms assessed at $627,670 are free of debt, 86 farms assessed at $330,400 are mortgaged for $155,460 and pay $9,782.77 interest yearly. Eighty-seven farm laborers are employed at an average of $16.46 permonth. There are 151 American farmers owing 114,485 on land assessed at $811,330, 14 Germans payiug interest on $13,275 with farms worth $46,400, 8 Canadiaus, owing $13,050 on land assessed at $30,700, 10 Irishmen owing 9,850 on land assessed at $48,500 and 8 Jinglishmen with $21,040 in farms mortgaged for $4,800. SYLVAX. In Supervisor Gilberts towu, the 138 farms are assessed at $568,810. Just au even 100 farms owe no mortgage indebteduess on farms assessed at $420,960, while 38 owe $82,560 and pay $5,301.70 interest yearly on farms assessed at $145,850. The laborers employed are 91, he wage3 averaging $16.90. The 81 farmers of American birth have farms assessed at $352,150 on which they owe $42,360. The 36 Germans owe $30,700 on land assessed at $148,900, 11 Irishmen owe $3,000 on land assessed at $31,660, 6 Canadians owe $2,700 ou land assessed at $21 ,800, 2 Englishmen owe $2,500 on farms worth $7.500, 1 Frenchman $1,300 on a $2,800 farm and the 1 Scotchman lias au unincumbered farm assessed at $2.000. YPSILANT1. This town has 154 farms assessed at $808,910 81 worth $422,680 are uuincumbered and 73 worth $886.230 pay $10,674.20 interest on $167,820 mortgage indebtedness. The farm laborors, 88 in number, average 16.47 a month wages. The nativity of the farmers is 127 American. 16 English, 4 Germán, 2 Canadian, 3 Irish, 1 Scotch and 1 Welch. The Americans owe $150,755 on farms assessed at $674,180 while those of foreign birth owe $17,066 on farms assessed at $134,730.


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