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K7 n!"? COJT í. COS OXE-COAT lirflfíY T ' TT ) .1 t Ftidoy, nm je to Umrch Snntlny. Linlit I-;ibhio:inble SIiaJ.cs: J Uck, MaroOD, VermUiOJi l'luc, YUow, Oiive Lafcc, Brtfwstct ind Wa-on Grcens. N ) VarnW i „' ncEs$ary. lirii-s t r.j ilh a "tinne." O:ie Coat and job is done. YOÖR BUGCY Tip tnp for Chnirs, Lwn Stuts, Sash, Flowcr Tots. ii.iby Carriftgcs, Cortnin I'oJcs, I-urniture, I runt Doors, btorc-fronts. Screen I'ioors, Bo.its, Mm les, Jron Fencc, fn tiet everyihing-. Just Ihe thing for the lüdics to use about tlie house FOR ONE DOLLAR GOIT'S H8NEST Are you poin to thts ycarï If so, don'l juy a pnmt contaitimg water or benzine hcn ie money (rr inrarïy so) yon can procure (O1T A (U'S I't UÁ PAIXT ïhat ís wnrmnlrrt to bc an KOM si, CEU18 LlXSRBD-OIIi PA11ÏT anti (ree from water and bensrint-. Denund lhiv Urnnd nnd Inkc o olhfr. UercTmiitS hjndling it are our njfents and ntltorixcd byus, in wrtttíng, to warrant It (o cnr r VKAK8 illi a COA1S r 8 YEIKS wltii 2 CO.1TS. Oiir Shndes are the Latest Styles tised Ín ihe East now becoming ■;o in the West, nnd tip with the ttllle Try ti.K brand of MOXb'8'F PA INT and you will lever regret it. TWi to ilie wi;e is sutricient HOUSE PAIMT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTS Pnint that never dried beyond the sticky point, waste a wctk, spoil the job, and then swearT Next time cali for COIT k rOS FLOOK FAINT I popular and suitable shades, wnrranted to drj imrtl an rock over nigfat. No trouble No SsaWONT DRY STICKY ... "- & 'Ji as so ISo CO UI ca O S U-i ïh ■ Ir; z$ t 3 ■ "o L v w " SÍ3 5 g 3 S S a . 3 .-" 3 ■■ y.r - ca i


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