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Exceedine caution should be exercised in ihe purchase of a new arücle of food. Many recent cases of serious illness have been reported trom the use oí the new patent foods tbr infante from untested baking powders, anc clieai) ftavorins extracta. The desire for rapid wealth induces unscrupulous manufacturers to place anything before the public that will sell at a large ptofit, without regard to its usefulness or healthfulness. At present there is a great raid upon tue baking powdei market, and so manj impure and adulterated articles of this kind have been found peddled nbout the country that the authoruies in several of the States have taken the necessary action to exposé them. The report of the Ohio State Food Comtnission has shown that a large uumber of the brands sold here are made from alurfi, phosphates, or a cheap and adulterated creatn of tartar. The danger to the public is made still greater by the unblushing eft'rontevy with vvhich the prqprietors of these impure powders;advertise them hs perfect, claiming tbr them all kinds of false and impossible endorsements. The official report of the Ohio State Food Couimission gives the names of a number of these impure powders, and the amount of impurity and inert matter in euch as follows: The impurities in the powders abovementioned were found to consist of various matters more or less hurtful. In Dr. Piïce's powder the principal impurities were lime and Rochelle sa'ts, wbich where found in larjje quantities. The impurities in Ilorsford's powder were composed of pliosphate of soda, lime, etc., hut none of the "nutritious phosphates," without wbich its manufacturers claim life cannot be sustained. The impurities found in the other powders named were principally alum and lime. From the report of the Commission it is evident that the Royal Baking Powder is of the highest decvee of strength and purity. D


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