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The Best Road Machine

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You ought to have one in your township. It will save money. 3etter roads at less expense. Speak to your supervisor about t. Cali the highway commissioners attention to this ad ver - tisement, It's to your interest if you pay taxes. T1ÍE AMEIlCAli CHAMPION RflAD GRADER The best made, the most enduring, greatest capacity, easiest of operation, teadiest motion, turned in narrower space than other "machines. 1J. W. Richardson, Tremont, Me., writes that he can build more roads for $100 with it than ould be built for $2,000 the old way. Dimon Roberts, road commissioner of Lynn, Mass., saya "road expenses sinee purchasing American Champion half as great as formerly and more than twice amount work done each year " The LITTLË WONDER DRÁDER Warranted to do any work possible to any two-wheel machine and do it with lighter draft and less friction on the axles. The ÑeW paistj Ioad Mach iije A low price machine, the beet thing for the money in the market. Read what Dansingburg of Augusta says . Whittaker, Mich., Deo. 2, 1887. DEAR SIR:- I woiild say that the New Daisy Road Machine bought of you ast May is all that you represent it to be. I eonsider it superior to the Boss n account of its hollow all-steel bar, allowing the dirt to move away freer and' eausing a good deal less side draft, eonsequently running easier, I think any one who buys one will be satisfled with it. Yours, WM. DANSINGBURG. v THESE MACHINES MAY BE SEEX AT IM AB&IGÜLTUfiAL WARS &QOMS. ON WASHINGTON STREST. ïuy of home ageuts whose warranties are known to be good. M. ST 1EBLE1Ï is also agent for the SPRÍrtGFÍELp IOApSTEI. A bicycle not to be exeelled for graee, speed, strength, bil] climbimr safetv or or moderateness of pnce. Headers cannot possibly hc taken on thio wIippI See the Wheel at Stabler's and you will buy no other. All kinds of Agricultural Implenients may be fonrid at the Warérooms of M. STABLER'S WASHINGTON STREET, ANN AEBOE.


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